3 Звездные категории Собаки приветствуются Erbhof Mair am Graben Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof в Terento / Terenten

Erbhof Mair am Graben Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof - Вид снаружи


Отпускная квартира за день от 46.00 EUR

отпускной домик за день от 230.00 EUR

налог на посетителя 1.33 EUR

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Обновлено 03.07.2018


Via Walderlaner / Walderlaner Strasse 3

ITA-39030 Terento / Terenten

Тел. +39 0472 546168

Категория гостиницы: Квартиры для отпуска, Aпартаменты, крестьянский дом, Домики для отпуска

Kровати: 24

Квартиры для отпуска: 3

Домики для отпуска: 2

Языки: итальянский Немецкий английский

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Описание гостиницы

… in a place which genuinely cares for its guests!

The farm Mair am Graben was first documented in the 13th century. At that time, the Moar farms were considered very important and belonged to the Prince-Bishop, who was administered by Erblehen. The basic interest was collected from surrounding farmers. Our ancestors had to collect some levies from the farmers for the prince-bishop and hand them over to the bishop. The tenth part was allowed to be withheld. The current house was built in 1687. Around 1742, the farm became the property of the Engl family and has since been owned by the family. Your host, Meinhard, is meanwhile the 24th owner in succession and the 9th owner of the Engl family. In 1985, our family received from the former governor Dr. med. Silvius Magnago the Erbhof certificate of the state government. The "Erbhof" award is a very special one because it is awarded only to those farms that have been family-owned for more than 200 years. The typical wall vault and the thick stone walls can still be discovered in our farmhouse today.

Our apartments are bright, friendly, promising. cozy and furnished with love - a place to relax, a place to relax, laugh, make plans. The smell of wood and freshly baked cake floats in the air. Look forward to your holiday home, your base camp for all adventures, your holiday apartment in Terento, the sunny village of South Tyrol. Even cooked jam, where you can taste, which is cooked pure with love and pure nature, fresh eggs and hay milk, yogurt, thirst quenching syrups, delicious apple juice and honey from the in-house bees to take away. Of course, we also pack our own farm products into our gourmet breakfast baskets, which can be booked during your stay with us.

For gourmets from June 2018: farm holidays with a twist in our farm chalets.
For even more holiday feeling and comfort, with a modern and timeless character: the farm holiday with that special something! Look forward to: Two spacious farm chalets with approx. 90 m² in solid wood construction. Each chalet is equipped with spacious kitchen (including dishwasher, oven, coffee machine and kettle) and three double bedrooms, each with its own bathroom (a bathroom with bath). Each chalet also has its own sauna. The nature outside and inside: solid wood furniture and kitchen with wooden floor. Relaxation oasis: own terrace, own lawn, own sauna. Coziness²: wood stove for the cold days with wood.

Our children's farm in South Tyrol is a great adventure playground: there is something to discover in every corner! Among our treasures include u.a. our animals, which not only make children's eyes shine. Hofhund Blacky is always involved, bees buzz, cats purr and look forward to some petting and playing lesson. Our chickens, calves, cows and rabbits are also curious about the new and old visitors. In summer, our well-kept and clean courtyard is complemented by a colorful flower grove, which together with the large cottage garden forms the center of the yard. To pause, we recommend our Hofkapelle. We are happy to show you the farm on request.

The Engl family


  • Стоянка
  • крестьянский дом с животными
  • ручные животные
  • с удобствами для детей
  • скидка для детей
  • Также квартиры
  • Квартиры для отпуска
  • Мотоциклисты приветствуются
  • У лыжного центра
  • круглогодно открыт
  • комната для лыж
  • лужайка, удобная дла лежания
Бизнес/Отдых в гостинице
  • настольный теннис
  • номер с балконом
  • номер для некурящих
  • ТВ
Бизнес/Отдых в местности
  • игровая площадка для детей
  • рафтинг
  • пешеходный туризм
  • открытый бассейн
  • зимний спорт
  • кегельбан
  • крытый бассейн
  • фитнес зал
  • гольф
  • мини-гольф
  • верховая езда
  • теннис
  • естественный каток
  • Искусственный каток
Домашние животные
  • Домашние животные по запросу
  • тихое месторасположение
  • Особо красивое расположение
  • В селе
  • В горах
  • общ. транспорт

Квартира/домик для отпуска

  • постельное бельё
  • полотенца
  • Kухня
  • холодильник
  • центральное отопление
  • младенческая кроватка
  • ванна
  • WC
  • балкон
  • гриль
  • место для велосипедов
  • Стоянка
  • Телефон
  • спутниковое ТВ
  • радио
  • Домашние животные по запросу
  • Самообеспечение питанием
  • возможен завтрак
Расходы включительно
  • дополнительные расходы
  • Электричество
  • газ
  • вода
  • мусор
  • налог на посетителя
  • конечная чистка
  • постельное бельё
День приезда
  • Понедельник
  • Вторник
  • среда
  • Четверг
  • пятница
  • суббота
  • Воскресенние
  • По договоренности

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