2 כוכבים  Ferienwohnungen und B&B Garni Adria in Corvara in Badia / Corvara

Ferienwohnungen und B&B Garni Adria - Outside


לאדם 30.00 - 55.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 60.00 - 110.00 EUR

(כולל ארוחת-בוקר)

דירת נופש ליום 60.00 - 110.00 EUR

דירת נופש לשבוע 420.00 - 770.00 EUR

מס אורח (בספא) 1.40 EUR

עודכן בתאריך 08.10.2018


Str. Sassongher 1

ITA-39033 Corvara in Badia / Corvara

טל. +39 0471 836007

פקס +39 0471 836737

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון קטן / לינה וארוחת-בוקר, דירות נופש

מיטות: 33

חדר: 12

דירות נופש: 5

שפות: איטלקית גרמנית אנגלית

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תיאור הבית

Welcome to the B & B and Residence Adria **, in the center of Corvara in Alta Badia, in the hearth of Dolomites!

The B & B and Residence Adria ** is situated in a quiet area in the center of Corvara in Alta Badia, surrounded by the beautiful scenery in the Dolomites. Our family owned hotel is the ideal destination for those wishing to spend a holiday of outdoor activities both in summer and in winter.

Choose from the cozy and comfortable rooms of our B & B or the very spacius and furnished with care apartments of our Residence. For Your moments of relaxation and rest, we have arranged the sunny garden and reading and TV room. After a day full of movement and sport, replenish Your energy with a Finnish sauna, a solarium or in the fitness room.

Our B & B and Residence Adria ** is the ideal starting point for walking, more challenging hikes or bicycle tours along the paths of Corvara in Alta Badia. In the winter, You can discover the magnificent skiarea Dolomiti Superski around the Sella Ronda, but also excellent cross-country skiing, sledding and hiking trails in the snow.

Located in a valley at the foot of the Sella massif, surrounded by a numerous peaks with the characteristic jagged shape of the Dolomites, Alta Badia offers its visitors a multitude of appearances. It is certainly the kingdom of the bold peaks that incite adventure, but it is also an enchanted land where the mountains are tinged with pink at dusk and where there is an aura of mystery and magic. It’s the silence of solitary peaks but also the joy of its laughing villages: Corvara, Colfosco, La Villa, San Cassiano, Badia and La Val. You will love Alta Badia, the fatherland of the Ladin people, the most ancient raetoroman population of the alpine range, differing not only in language but in its proud, secular tradition of agriculture and crafts.

Popular destination of the international tourism, Alta Badia owes its success not only to the fortunate position, even an extremely hospitable atmosphere that characterizes its inhabitants, always ready to welcome guests with courtesy and professionality in the comfort of its accommodation facilities.

Winter holidays in Alta Badia means skiing, snowbaorden, cross-country skiing and also discover every day new outdoor activities (such as snowshoeing, sledding, and many others), to spend the evening in good company, to taste dishes of the very colorful cuisine (at huts, farmers or in the gourmet restaurants). But also to have shopping around the many shops and craft stores or to indulge in the avant-garde aesthetic centers in the valley.

In winter Alta Badia is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders. You can choose from easy slopes (blue), medium (red) and difficult slopes (black), surely You will find the slopes which are best for You. About 130 km of slopes, 53 modern lifts, an advanced snowmaking system (there is the possibility of artificial snow preparation on almost all slopes). Over 500 km of slopes in the ski area around the Sella Group passable only with skis and without interruption on the way, the central position in the Dolomiti Superskiarea (450 comfortable and modern lifts and 1,220 km of slopes) elevates Alta Badia to a unique resort.

We look forward to having You as our guest!

Family Adang

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Str. Arlara 2

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טל.+39 0471 836004


מרחקים (קו אויר)

מרכז העיר
  • Corvara in Badia 23m
  • Kolfuschg / Colfosco 1,36km
  • Varda 2,09km
  • Funtanacia 3,08km
  • La Villa 4,56km
  • Costadedoi 4,83km
  • San Cassiano / St. Kassian 5,09km
  • Pedraces / Pedratsches 5,34km
  • Suracianins 5,41km
  • Arabba 6,07km
  • Ciaminades 6,12km
  • Renaz 6,43km
  • Cherz 6,51km
  • Badia / Abtei 6,9km
  • San Leonardo 7,11km
  • Puntac 7,34km
  • Plan in Passiria 7,39km
  • Corte 7,42km
  • Merch-linacia 7,56km
מומלץ לצפיה
  • Albergo Monte Pana 13km
  • Malga di Zannes 13km
  • Rifugio Cantore 15km
  • Rifugio Nuvelau 15km
  • Tofana di Mezzo 15km
  • Santa Croce 18km
  • Cortina d’ Ampezzo 19km
  • Plose 20km
  • Setaus 20km
תחנת רכבת
  • Chiusa / Klausen 26km
  • Brixen / Bressanone 26km
  • San Lorenzo di Sebato / St. Lorenzen 26km
  • Waidbruck 27km
  • Valdaora / Olang 27km
  • Bruneck 29km
  • Monguelfo-Tesido 29km
  • Longarone 46km
  • Bozen / Bolzano 47km
  • Algund / Lagundo 60km
  • Zillertal Messe Mayrhofen 69km
  • Trento / Trient 80km
  • Bolzano / Bozen Dolomiti (BZO) 43km
  • Belluno / Beilun (BXL) 52km
  • Trento / Trient (SPA) 83km
  • Innsbruck (INN) 89km
גן שעשועים/פארק מים/מרחצאות
  • Eghes Wellness Center 12km
  • Dolomiti Action Adventure Park 13km
  • Aquarena Brixen / Bressanone 25km
  • Cron 4 Erlebnisbad 26km
  • Museum Gröden 16km
  • Museo Ladin de Fascia 22km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
  • A22 Chiusa-Val Gardena 25km
  • Lago D’ Alleghe 20km
תחבורה ציבורית
  • Strada Ninz 4,78km
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