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Hotel Le Rotonde - Вид снаружи


одноместный номер 45.00 - 100.00 EUR

двухместный номер 50.00 - 120.00 EUR

трехместный номер 90.00 - 160.00 EUR

четырехместный номер 120.00 - 300.00 EUR

(без завтрака)

апартамент за день 100.00 - 200.00 EUR

Надбавка за полупансион за день для детей 20.00 EUR

завтрак 5.00 EUR

Обновлено 05.09.2018


Via del Porto 77

ITA-55054 Massaciuccoli-Massarosa(LU)

Тел. +39 0584 975439

Факс +39 0584 975754

Категория гостиницы: Отель, Aпартаменты

Kровати: 44

Номера: 24

Aпартаменты: 1

Языки: итальянский Немецкий английский

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Описание гостиницы

Welcome to the Hotel Restaurnt Le Rotonde in Massaciuccoli-Massarosa.

On the charming north shore of Lake Massaciuccoli, between reeds and green hills, stands the Hotel Le Rotonde. During your stay, you will experience the warm and hospitable atmosphere of the Lipparelli family. The Hotel Le Rotonde is the ideal destination to spend days in complete tranquility and to visit cities of art such as Pisa or Lucca, which are only a few minutes away by car. With stunning views of the natural park, a large American bar, serviced rooms, minibar, telephone and television await you, as well as a large garden with relaxation oasis and private parking.

For lunch or dinner and to enjoy our specialties by candlelight, you can choose between the large, bright dining room or the terrace overlooking the garden. The dishes are cooked to order using the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We offer a first-class and imaginative fish cuisine, but by no means neglect the traditional Tuscan meat dishes. Finally, we offer desserts from our own production, which spoil the palate. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12:30 to 14:00 and in the evening from 19:30 to 21:00.

From the summit of the Aquilata to Mount Cocco, the terraced olive groves give their serene charm to the landscape of the Massaciuccoli. Massaciuccoli is the towering part of Massarosa, bordered to the north by Balbano (Lucca) and to the south by Vecchiano (Pisa). At its foot, the lake expands in majestic expanse to the shores of Torre del Lago Puccini. After Massarosa and Viareggio, ditches and canals make their way through swamp rushes. On the far horizon, beyond the brown maquis of the pine groves, the sea shines. In Massaciuccoli, two Roman roads crossed in antiquity near the 2000-year-old port: the Cassia, which leads from Lucca, and from Pisa, the Aurelia of Emilius Scaurus.

- Birdwatching: For those who love nature, the Massaciuccoli oasis offers a walk on the new pier, which leads through the reeds and provides birding stations. From here you can study the flora and fauna of the lake very close up.
- Boat trip: You can take a guided boat trip (at least two people) or rent a canoe and enjoy the nature up close (chargeable).
- Parco Naturale Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Natural Park: visit to the estate of San Rossore with excursions on horseback or by bike.
- Beach: In just 20 minutes by car you can reach the sea on the Versilia coast: Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Torre del Lago, Marina di Vecchiano.
- Cities of Art: In half an hour's drive you can reach Lucca, the city of 100 churches with the impressive Amphitheater, the Guinigi Tower and much more ... or Pisa to visit the famous Leaning Tower.
- Florence: The capital of Tuscany is 50 minutes from Massaciuccoli. One should not miss to spend a day shopping in the luxury shops or the outlets of the most famous designers.
- Mountain biking: There are routes for individual riders or the opportunity to be on the road with expert guidance. The wheel can then be provided; it is enough to have some sports shoes with you.


К особому предложению


  • ресторан
  • День отдыха в ресторане
  • Стоянка
  • бар
  • с удобствами для детей
  • Можно бронировать через турагенство
  • скидка для фирм
  • кафе
  • круглогодно открыт
  • терраса
  • пивная с садом
  • лужайка, удобная дла лежания
Бизнес/Отдых в гостинице
  • игровая площадка для детей
  • супермаркет
  • настольный теннис
  • Бассейн
  • ТВ
  • Сейф в номере
Бизнес/Отдых в местности
  • игровая площадка для детей
  • супермаркет
  • станция пешеходного турисма и верховой езды
  • верховая езда
  • прокат велосипедов
  • транзитный вокзал
  • транзитный аэропорт
  • безпроводной интернет
  • химчистка техтильных изделий
  • доставка булочек
у воды: обстановка в местности/близости
  • прокат каноэ
  • тихое месторасположение
  • у озера
  • В селе

Оздоровительные услуги

Оздоровительные услуги
  • Бассейн

рестораны в радиусе

Ristorante Le Rotonde

Ristorante Le Rotonde в Massaciuccoli-Massarosa(LU)

(0-100 m)

Via del Porto 77

55054 Massaciuccoli-Massarosa(LU)

Тел.+39 0584 97 54 39

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Расстояние (по воздушной линии)

Центр города/центр местности
  • Quiesa 1,67km
  • Balbano 3,44km
  • Massarosa 3,82km
  • Filettole 4,08km
  • Ripafratta 5,25km
  • Torre del Lago Puccini 5,55km
  • Malaventre 5,95km
  • Cerasomma 6,11km
  • Vomo 6,31km
  • Vecchiano 6,57km
  • San Macario in Piano 6,75km
  • Luciano 7,09km
  • Valpromaro 7,1km
  • Fibbialla 7,36km
  • Marina di Torre del Lago 8,14km
  • Migliarino Pisano 8,44km
  • Montemagno 8,94km
  • Viareggio 9,09km
  • Bagni di San Giuliano 9,89km
  • Monsagrati 11km
  • Viareggio 8,67km
  • Lucca 13km
  • Porta Nuova 14km
  • San Giusto 15km
  • Pisa 15km
  • Ponte a Moriano 17km
  • Piedrasanta 17km
  • Lucca 12km
  • Expo Pisa 16km
  • Carrara 36km
  • Marina di Massa 36km
  • La Spezia 53km
  • Viareggio 9,78km
  • Marina di Massa 29km
  • Livorno 32km
  • Marrina di Carrara 34km
  • Lerici 45km
  • Pisa (PSA) 18km
  • Firenze Peretola (FLR) 68km
  • Siena (SAY) 97km
  • Bologna (BLQ) 108km
  • A11 Massarosa 5,18km
  • A12 Pisa Nord 6,51km
  • Pisa San Rossore 14km
  • Pisa 14km
  • Lago di Massaciuccoli 1,96km
  • Ligurian Sea 6,3km
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