3 כוכבים חיות מחמד על פי בקשה Hotel Monza in Moena


חדר ליחיד 60.00 - 110.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 90.00 - 190.00 EUR

(כולל ארוחת-בוקר)

עודכן בתאריך 11.12.2019


Strada de val de senta Maria 22

ITA-38035 Moena

טל. +39 0462 573205

ידני +39 338 2237153

פקס +39 0462 573609

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון, בית מלון למשפחות, מלון טיולים, מלון בריאות, מלון חופשה

מיטות: 55

חדר: 25

שפות: איטלקית גרמנית אנגלית

כרטיסי אשראי:

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תיאור הבית

Comfort, peace and friendliness in a dream landscape...

The Hotel Monza is situated in Moena, in a quiet, panoramic location but at the same time not far from the centre of the village. It’s a family-run hotel, promising guests an authentic, friendly, cordial atmosphere. At the gateway to the Fassa Valley, the Hotel Monza is the ideal place to spend a holiday given over to relaxation, fine food and well-being. Whether you’re a couple or a family, you’ll always feel at home.

Exclusive rooms, elegant suites with panoramic terraces from which to enjoy a unique view over Moena, with mountain-style decor. All of the rooms have: Satellite TV - Hairdryer - Wi-Fi connection - Safe - Some of the rooms have a whirlpool shower.
The annexe houses small, comfortable, spacious suites with separate entrances, ideal for the many families with children who for several years have decided to spend their holidays with us, as we have always paid special attention to our hotel’s younger guests. Your four-legged friends are welcome at the Hotel Monza, where animals are accepted without any problems.

The Hotel Monza is renowned for its cuisine, too: Italian and international dishes prepared with loving care, not forgetting of course flavoursome dishes from the local Ladin tradition. Our tempting meals are prepared to a high standard. The restaurant offers a splendid view over theFassaValley, while Moena seen from the hotel Monza looks like a jewel set in the splendid mountain scenery. Here in our restaurant, the hotel’s guests will be able to choose from a vast selection of antipasti, a rich salad and dessert buffet and a well-stocked wine cellar. For breakfast there is no shortage of excellent local products, while in the organic corner you’ll find home-made jams and cakes. At the Hotel Monza the day always gets off to a good start ...

At the Hotel Monza, Moena, you’ll be able to relax and pamper yourself in our small health spa, with the following at guests’ disposal: Finnish sauna - Jacuzzi - “Isola bella” multiwellness cabin - Relaxation corner and gym. In the summer guests can also make use of the solarium terrace and the garden. The combined beneficial effects of a sauna and Jacuzzi are proven: you’ll feel relaxed and it will be thanks not just to our health spa but also to the natural setting of the Fassa Valley and of the Dolomites which surround you in an embrace.

Treat yourself to a nice break, leave your troubles behind, and enjoy the Fassa Valley!

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Nearby restaurants

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant Ancora in Moena

(ca. 400 m)

Strada Riccardo Lowy 76

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573223

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante La Stua de Re Laurin in Moena

(ca. 400 m)

Strada de Even 21

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 574346

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Ristorante La Taverna del Garber in Moena

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Via R. Löwy 24

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573218

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Maria in Moena

(ca. 500 m)

Strada de Sen Pelegrin 1

38035 Moena

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Ristorante San Vigilio in Moena (TN), Val di Fassa

(ca. 500 m)

Via L' Vial 23

38035 Moena (TN), Val di Fassa

טל.+39 0462 573239

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante la Campagnola in Moena

(ca. 600 m)

Strada de Sen Pelegrin 36

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573232

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Tyrol in Moena

(ca. 700 m)

Piaz de Ramon 8

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573760

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Foresta in Moena

(ca. 700 m)

Strada de la Comunita'de Fiem 42

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573260

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Pizzeria Stella in Moena

(ca. 800 m)

Piaz de Ramon 64

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573215

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Someda in Moena

(ca. 1.2 km)

Strada San Rocco 12

38035 Moena

טל.+39 0462 573190


מרחקים (קו אויר)

מרכז העיר
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  • Soraga Di Fassa 2,41km
  • Soraga 2,8km
  • Costalunga 4,3km
  • Vigo di Fassa 5,01km
  • Mezzavalle 5,9km
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כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
  • A22 Bozen Nord 23km
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