Villa Casanova Bio First Class Inn in Lido di Venezia

Villa Casanova   Bio First Class Inn - Outside


シングルルーム 40.00 - 180.00 EUR

ツインルーム 40.00 - 180.00 EUR

3ベットルーム 40.00 - 180.00 EUR



Via Orso Partecipazio, 9

ITA-30126 Lido di Venezia

電話 +39 041 5262857

Fax +39 041 770200

宿泊施設カテゴリー: 旅館, Hotel Garni / B&B, 有機食提供施設

ベット: 12

部屋: 6

言語: イタリア語 英語 フランス語 スペイン語


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Our charming Villa Casanova is located in the island of Lido, which since the Belle Epoque has been one of the trendiest resorts in Italy.

Beautiful beaches, characteristic canals, elegant villas, breathtaking sceneries and Nature Reserves (Alberoni) make this island an oasis of peace and tranquillity at only few minutes form the crowded historic centre of Venice.

We chose to refurbish our Villa with the ultra-modern principles of Architecture and Engineering to be able to offer our guests high quality, environmentally friendly and safe accommodation. All the building materials used are strictly non-toxic: cork, slaked lime, naturally polished ‘travertino' marbles and oil-polished wooden floors.

Our hotel offers bright, elegant and peaceful rooms some of them overlooking the gardens, some are on Mansard Floor.All have Ensuite bathroom, furnished in walnut wood and handmade wrougth iron beds, decorated in according with Venetian Texiture: Air-conditioning, Tv sat, minibar, hairdryer, and telephone in all rooms.

Last but not least, our rich breakfast buffet offers a vast selection of scrumptious yet healthy, organic products.


  • 駐車場
  • レセプション 24時間
  • 朝食ビュッフェ
  • バイクの方歓迎!
  • 一年中営業
ホテル内のビジネス / 余暇
  • 庭/公園
  • 禁煙ルーム
  • 客室内エアコンあり
  • 客室に電話あり
  • 客室にテレビあり
  • ミニバー
  • セーフティボックス
周辺のビジネス / 余暇
  • 子供の遊び場
  • スーパーマーケット
  • ゴルフ
  • 自転車貸出し
  • 新聞サービス
  • インターネット-サーフィン 無料
  • ワイアレスLAN
  • とても静かな立地
  • 都市中心部

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