חיות מחמד על פי בקשה Hotel La Miniera Fiorita in Arbus

Hotel La Miniera Fiorita - Outside


לאדם 35.00 - 49.00 EUR

(כולל ארוחת-בוקר)

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום למבוגר 20.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/מבוגר 37.00 EUR

עודכן בתאריך 26.11.2018


Loc. Sa Tanca-Montevecchio

ITA-09031 Arbus

טל. +39 070 973167

ידני +39 347 1740011

פקס +39 070 9759825

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון קטן / לינה וארוחת-בוקר, בית הארחה

מיטות: 18

חדר: 8

שפות: איטלקית

כרטיסי אשראי:

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תיאור הבית

Farmhouse "La Miniera Fiorita" is located in Montevecchio, nearby Arbus, Guspini and the shore of Arbus.

Our Farmhouse in Montevecchio is ideal for a vacation at the Sardinian Sea, we are a few minutes far from beaches of Funtanazza and Gutturu 'e Flumini, Cultural Holidays, Montevecchio is very rich in specieas of fauna and flora, you can still see the old mine factories, there are many cultural events during the summer and the year, Religious Holidays, Saint Anthony from Padua Feast in Arbus has the second longest procession in Europe, the Assumprion of Saint Mary Feast in Guspini has more than 7 days of events and many others, Adventuorus Holidays thanks to the many marked hiking trails.

Rooms in Farmhouse "La Miniera Fiorita" are eight. Each Room in our Farmhouse in Montevecchio has a different style to meet everyone expectations granting the same quality standard. We tried to grant you a comfortable and cozy place to stay in. Rooms in our Farmhouse in Montevecchio all have a private Bathroom with bidet, shower and all essential services. Single Beds and Double Beds are all comfortables and good looking themed the bedroom style. Every Room in our Farmhouse in Montevecchio are pleasantly illuminated by sunlight and from them you can watch various suggestive panoramas. Peace and Relax are guaranteed by our Farmhouse in Montevecchio secluded location. Fun is handy with our Farmhouse in Montevecchio private Swimming Pool and the near towns of Arbus and Guspini with their attractives and nightlife.

Farmhouse in Sardinia La Miniera Fiorita promotes local traditions and will propose you Tipical Sardinian Cuisine Dishes driving you into a world made of flavors, tastes, colors and sounds. Sardinian Cuisine in Farmhouse "La Miniera Fiorita" offers various dishes and its possible to taste Italian and European Tipical Dishes too. You can start from tipical recipes in Sardinia as Roast Pork, roast Goat, local Ravioli and tipical Malloreddus, all coocked according the tradition or reinterpreted by our chef, using tipical seasonal products, to vary the menu to meet every guest needs. Farmhouse "La Miniera Fiorita" will use genuine products that will tease your taste: our best advertising will be your liking and word of mouth that our guests already have spread and make us proud of our daily work.

Montevecchio rises on the pass named "Genna Serapis" near the mines desired by entreprenerus Giovanni Antonio Sanna from Sassari. The Mines of Montevecchio has been one of the richest and most innovative companies in The Kingdom of Italy, in fact the name Montevecchio is joined to various Machines used all across Europe designed by the best engineer in XIX Century. Mining Villagge of Montevecchio is surrounded by lush woods which offer respite from the summer heat and allow to discover the territory walking down its various hiking trails. A few kilometers from the Sea of the Costa Verde, Mining Village of Montevecchio is a good choice for its proximity with the towns of Arbus and Guspini, a must in this wild and fascinating territory.

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  • בהרים


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מרחקים (קו אויר)

מרכז העיר
  • Samugheo Or 170m
  • Montevecchio 861m
  • Ruinas Or 3,36km
  • Allai Or 4,18km
  • Asuni Or 4,64km
  • Arbus 5,09km
  • Villa Santanton 5,9km
  • Guspini 6,25km
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  • Macomer 80km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
  • E25 Uras 20km
  • Mediterranean Sea 6,36km
  • Santa Giusta 34km
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