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Hotel Residence La Villetta - Вид снаружи


двухместный номер 65.00 - 130.00 EUR

трехместный номер 85.00 - 150.00 EUR

четырехместный номер 110.00 - 200.00 EUR

(вкл. завтрак)

апартамент за день 65.00 - 240.00 EUR

Обновлено 08.10.2018


Via Calandra 1

ITA-98055 Lipari-Canneto

Тел. +39 090 9813000

Факс +39 090 9880716

Категория гостиницы: Отель, Aпартаменты, семейный отель

Kровати: 86

Номера: 12

Aпартаменты: 15

Языки: итальянский английский французкий

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Описание гостиницы

Welcome to Hotel Residence La Villetta in Lipari.

Even before arriving, the name, La Villetta, suggests the familiar character of the structure, originally a private house transformed into a residence in 1991, when its initial 150 square meters were rented out to the first vacationers. Over the years, the residence has continued to expand until becoming, in 2006, its current conformation, presented as a pleasant maze of stairs and walkways that rise upward, accompanying guests from one space to another.

Wi-Fi internet connection is free of charge at all times in public areas. The Villetta offers its guests a relaxation area. The solarium will allow you while sunbathing, comfortably read a book or spend time relaxing and absolute peace. The Villetta offers its customers a functional gym and complete with everything you need to keep fit. Do not be afraid to indulge in some delicious too, the hotel offers everything you need to get back to full fitness. In addition, the beautiful stained glass window in front allows you to enjoy the view while “hard” making the exercises more pleasant to bear.

And as an alternative? If you want to spend your time differently , other than the beach and sea, La Villetta has a private swimming pool at the disposal of its guests. La VIlletta has recently installed a beautiful Jacuzzi with whirlpool. The Jacuzzi is available for guests to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation.

One terrace follows the other, among vases of flowers and fruit trees in the charming atmosphere of a place that dominates the town from a slightly elevated position, overlooking the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. On two different but adjoining levels are the pool and the hot tub, while the sun beds face the sun towards the sea.

A mix of white classical, cube-shaped Mediterranean buildings from which protrude balconies and terraces with porticoes where, in the common areas, you will find a fitness room, right at the top of the property, along with a living room where, in addition to chairs, tables, and TV, an internet point with a printer is also available to guests. Both internet and Wi-Fi services, which are available in all the common areas, are free of charge. The reception is located below, near the entrance.

Papisca Beach is considered as one of the more attracting beaches of Lipari. Its name is due to the white stone deposit on the sea bottom that creates bright water and a white beach. On the way, don’t lose Acquacalda and Canneto beaches, two other wonderful beaches of island.

In the main town, which has the same name as the island, the busiest street is Corso Vittorio Emanuele, known by the inhabitants simply as “il Corso”. However, the most characteristic street is Via Garibaldi, from which radiate numerous alleyways and streets that make it picturesque. This street joins the Castle of Lipari with the Ugo Sant’Onofrio Piazza, known as “Marina Corta”. This is one of the most fascinating squares in the Aeolian Islands. With its irregular shape, it is full of cafés and restaurants. At the extreme east of the square there is the fortress of the Castle of Lipari, while on the sea side of it stands the historic Church of the Souls in Purgatory. The square, due to its location, is very busy, especially during summer evenings.


  • Стоянка
  • бар
  • рецепция открыта 24 часа
  • доставка багажа в номер
  • с удобствами для детей
  • Также квартиры
  • Также комнаты
  • завтрак-буфет
  • ТВ в общей комнате
  • пивная с садом
Бизнес/Отдых в гостинице
  • джакузи
  • солярий
  • Бассейн
  • фитнес зал
  • номер с балконом
  • кондиционер в комнате
  • телефон в номере
  • подключение к интернету в номере
  • ТВ
  • холодильник
  • Сейф в номере
  • Окончательная уборка
  • Kухня
  • стиральная машина
  • душ
  • WC
  • бидэ
  • Кабельное ТВ
  • спутниковое ТВ
Бизнес/Отдых в местности
  • пешеходный туризм
  • супермаркет
  • открытый бассейн
  • массаж
  • джакузи
  • теннис
  • прокат велосипедов
  • Дегустация вин в винограднике
  • снукер
  • офисные услуги
  • транзитный аэропорт
  • транзитный порт
  • безплатный терминал в интернет
у воды: обстановка в местности/близости
  • лежак на пляже на прокат
  • прокат зонты от солнца
  • прокат лодок
  • дайвинг курсы
у воды: Мероприятия для активного отдыха
  • рыбалка
  • плавать
Домашние животные
  • Домашние животные по запросу
  • тихое месторасположение
  • Особо красивое расположение
  • у моря

Оздоровительные услуги

Оздоровительные услуги
  • джакузи
  • солярий
  • фитнес зал
  • Бассейн

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