3 כוכבים חיות מחמד על פי בקשה Hotel Residence San Gregorio in Pienza

Hotel Residence San Gregorio - Outside


חדר ליחיד 70.00 - 85.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 80.00 - 105.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה 110.00 - 155.00 EUR

חדר לארבעה 120.00 - 175.00 EUR

סוויטה 100.00 - 150.00 EUR

(ללא ארוחת-בוקר)

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום למבוגר 22.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/מבוגר 40.00 EUR

ארוחת-בוקר 6.00 EUR

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Via Della Madonnina 4

ITA-53026 Pienza

טל. +39 0578 748059

פקס +39 0578 748354

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון, מלון חופשה

מיטות: 55

חדר: 3

סוויטות: 16

שפות: איטלקית אנגלית

כרטיסי אשראי:

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תיאור הבית

The Hotel Residence San Gregorio in Pienza is located within walking distance of the historic centre. Built on the ruins of an opera house of the 1930s, it is in perfect harmony with the elegance, grace and charm of the ideal Renaissance city.

The Hotel has been carefully renovated to highlight the architectural style of the historic building and its outdoor space. At the same time, its redesigned interior provides maximum comfort within a formidable scenery, that of the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany.

The choice between rooms, suites and apartments means you can tailor your holiday to best suite your needs: you can choose from spacious, nicely decorated and furnished rooms, romantic suites, or residences with kitchenette for those who want to feel at home without sacrificing the standards of a hotel.

The enduring beauty of the surrounding scenery can be enjoyed from the delightful garden and the outdoor pool, a heavenly retreat within the Hotel. This very same landscape has inspired many artists over the past centuries.

The Hotel Residence San Gregorio also offers the finest of Tuscan cuisine and a wide selection of wines at the Ristorante La Piazzetta, where you can try typical food, traditional dishes and local products. From breakfast to lunch, from aperitif to dinner, any time of the day is perfect for enjoying the culinary wealth of Tuscany.

Guests arriving by car may use the free private covered parking, an added benefit for those staying at our Hotel. The Hotel Residence San Gregorio is also pet friendly: small domestic animals are welcome in our Hotel for a small additional charge. Take a break from everyday life and discover the Hotel Residence San Gregorio and Pienza, a work of art amid the UNESCO World Heritage site of Val d’Orcia.

Pienza has many attractions: the San Gregorio is strategically located only 50 meters from the town walls and offers the opportunity to relax and to easily visit sites in the surrounding area. The attractions range from the Natural park and museums of the Val d’Orcia, part the UNESCO heritage, to the charming villages that adorn the surrounding landscape, such as San Quirico d’Orcia, Montalcino, Castiglione d’Orcia, Montepulciano, Monticchiello and Radicofani.

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Nearby restaurants

Ristorante La Piazzetta

Ristorante La Piazzetta in Pienza

(0-100 m)

Via Della Madonnina 4

53026 Pienza

טל.+39 0578 754145

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Il Chiostro di Pienza in Pienza

(ca. 200 m)

Corso Rossellino 26

53026 Pienza

טל.+39 0578 748400

La Taverna del Barbarossa Glutenfree

La Taverna del Barbarossa Glutenfree in San Quirico d'Orcia (SI), Val d'Orcia

(ca. 5.1 km)


53027 San Quirico d'Orcia (SI), Val d'Orcia

טל.+39 0577 89 82 99

אין תמונה זמינה

Trattoria Toscana Vecchio Forno in San Quirico Orcia

(ca. 5.5 km)

Via Poliziano 18

53027 San Quirico Orcia

טל.+39 057 78 99 028

אין תמונה זמינה

Cabrio-Restaurant Adler in Bagno Vignoni - San Quirico d'Orcia

(ca. 6.7 km)

Strada di Bagno Vignoni 1

53027 Bagno Vignoni - San Quirico d'Orcia

טל.+39 0577 889000

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant La Terrazza in San Quirico d'Orcia

(ca. 6.9 km)

Piazza delle Sorgenti 13

53027 San Quirico d'Orcia

טל.+39 0577 887150

אין תמונה זמינה

Locanda di CasalMustia in Castelmuzio Trequanda (Siena)

(ca. 7 km)

Piazza Della Pieve 3

53020 Castelmuzio Trequanda (Siena)

טל.+39 0577 665166

אין תמונה זמינה

Ristorante Posta Marcucci in Bagno Vignoni

(ca. 7.1 km)

Via Ara Urcea 43

53027 Bagno Vignoni

טל.+39 0577 887112

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant E lucevan le stelle in Montepulciano

(ca. 7.7 km)

Piazza San Francesco 5

53045 Montepulciano

טל.+39 0578 758725

אין תמונה זמינה

Trattoria di Cagnano B&B in Montepulciano

(ca. 7.7 km)

Via Dell'opio Nel Corso 30

53045 Montepulciano

טל.+39 0578 758757


מרחקים (קו אויר)

מרכז העיר
  • Pienza 44m
  • Monticchiello 3,48km
  • Sant’ambrogio 4,34km
  • Petroio 6,19km
  • San Quirico d’Orcia 6,23km
  • Bagno Vignoni 7,25km
  • Montefollonico 8,57km
  • Montepulciano 8,76km
  • Montisi 9,08km
  • Castiglione D’orcia 9,24km
  • Val D'Orcia 9,73km
  • Torrenieri 11km
  • San Giovanni d'Asso 11km
  • Vergelle 12km
  • Contignano 12km
  • Cortona Ar 12km
  • Chianciano Terme 12km
  • Trequanda 12km
  • Chiusi Si 13km
  • Torrita 13km
תחנת רכבת
  • Torrita di Siena 14km
  • Sinalunga 17km
  • Buonconvento 17km
  • Chiusi 24km
  • Monte Antico 28km
  • Castiglione del Lago 30km
מומלץ לצפיה
  • Madonnino 8,24km
  • Crete Senesi 16km
  • Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore 16km
  • Sinalunga 17km
  • Lucignano-Marciano 20km
  • Perugia 56km
  • Umbriafiere Spa 71km
  • Bastia Umbria 72km
  • Antichita Assisi Snc 76km
  • Gubbio 79km
  • Siena (SAY) 40km
  • Grosseto (GRS) 61km
  • Perugia Sant Egidio (PEG) 68km
  • Firenze Peretola (FLR) 90km
  • Elba (EBA) 123km
  • Tuoro 36km
  • Passignano 40km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
  • A1 Sinalunga 19km
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