3 Stars Dogs welcome Hotel Villa Sirena in Serrara Fontana -fraz. Sant'Angelo

Hotel Villa Sirena - Outside


Single room 60.00 - 80.00 EUR

Double room 120.00 - 160.00 EUR

3 beds room 120.00 - 220.00 EUR

family room 150.00 - 300.00 EUR

(half board)

updated 06.03.2020


Via Merna di Sopra 4

ITA-80081 Serrara Fontana -fraz. Sant'Angelo

Tel +39 081 999717

Fax +39 081 999212

Category: Inn, Hotel, Healthcare hotel, Holiday hotel

Beds: 30

Rooms: 16

Languages: Italian German English

Credit cards:

Check In Time: 11:00

Check Out Time: 11:00

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Facility description

Welcome to the Hotel Villa Sirena in Serrara Fontana!

With a unique view the Hotel Villa Sirena dominates the ancient fishing village of S. Angelo in Ischia, an unspoiled place, emphasized by its picturesque "Piazzetta". Villa Sirena is located 50m from the sea, along the path that leads to the famous thermal installations, to the beaches of the sulfurous "fumarole" and the sandy beaches of "Maronti".

Our rooms are bright and friendly and equipped with all comforts furnished in Mediterranean style, from the balconies you can enjoy an exceptional panorama overlooking the sea or in the garden, which is provided with exotic plants around the pool. The rooms have shower, toilet, bathroom, telephone, satellite television, safes and bank service.

The Hotel Villa Sirena offers its guests a hospitality and Perfekion which is the result of a transmitted tradition of generations of family Iacono. The hotel was built in the 50s and thus was the first building of the hotel division in this zone.

The hotel is ideal for those who swim the sea and its possibilities and dive, or even long walks in contact with the Mediterranean flora love, without sacrificing recovery of thermal installations. Not to be forgotten is the good local and healthy cuisine with traditional recipes.

Our terrace, the heart of the hotel, overlooks the frames the small center of S.Angelo d'Ischia, on the "Torre" which separates the lower beaches. Anyone who wants to enjoy the view can rest in our bar Belvedere Sirena. She is our guests and passers-by at your disposal, you can choose from drinks to snacks, ice cream and cakes from our own production.

Our hotel is provided with comfortable rooms, swimming pool with hydromassage, a spacious restaurant, massage facilities, reading room, and entertaining evenings with various performances. The Hotel Villa Sirena counts guests of various nationalities to its regular guests.

The staff of Villa Sirena wishes you a pleasant holiday!



General features
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
Business / recreation at the premises
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Air condition in room
  • Modem
  • TV
  • Wireless LAN
  • Dogs welcome
  • Veterinarian nearby
  • Only small dogs allowed
  • Very quiet location
  • Beautiful location
  • Central location
  • Along the coast


  • Indoor pool
  • Swimming pool

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Air-line distance

City Center
  • Sant'Angelo 56m
  • Barano D’ischia 2,06km
  • Serrara Fontana 2,53km
  • Forio d’Ischia 5,11km
  • Forio 5,33km
  • Casamicciola Terme 5,66km
  • Lacco Ameno 5,89km
  • Villa Bagni 6,26km
  • Casa Chiaiozza 9,89km
  • Procida 14km
  • Monte di Procida 18km
  • Miseno 19km
  • Torre Gaveta 19km
  • S Cipriano Dave 20km
  • Bacoli 20km
  • Baia 20km
  • Casapesenna Ce 20km
  • Villa di Briano 21km
  • Frignano Ce 22km
  • S Marcellino Ce 22km
  • Mostra D'Oltremare 29km
  • Napoli 36km
  • Mercato San Severino 74km
  • Salerno 77km
  • Vallo della Lucania 127km
  • Casamicciola Terme 6,07km
  • Ischia 6,76km
  • Napoli 35km
  • Castellamare di Stabia 50km
Railway station
  • Cuma-Fusaro 17km
  • Napoli Campi Flegrei Della Direttissima 28km
  • di Mergellina 30km
  • Cuma Fusaro 17km
  • Cumae 18km
  • Lago Miseno 19km
  • Lago del Fusaro 19km
  • Napoli Capodichino (NAP) 39km
  • Salerno-Pontecagnano (QSR) 87km
  • Tirreno Sea 3,91km
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