B&B Stazzo Chivoni в Luogosanto

B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Вид снаружи
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - сад
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Вид снаружи
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Номера
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Номера
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Номера
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Ванная комната
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Номера
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Вид снаружи
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Вид снаружи
B&B Stazzo Chivoni - Вид снаружи


двухместный номер 60.00 - 70.00 EUR

(вкл. завтрак)

Обновлено 29.08.2017


Loc. Chivoni 45

ITA-07020 Luogosanto

Мобильный номер +39 340 6019620

Категория гостиницы: пенсион, Отель Garni / B&B

Kровати: 2

Номера: 1

Языки: английский испанский французкий итальянский

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Описание гостиницы

Welcome to B&B Stazzo Chivoni in Luogosanto!

A Slow holiday in Sardinia: homemade wines, huge garden, rustic suite ... hike among cork oaks, snooze in a hammock, snorkel rocky bays. Chivoni's quiet and relaxed atmosphere and its proximity to a small country village not yet tainted by mass tourism make it the ideal place for a holiday in close contact with the sea, nature and tradition.

Built in 1850, modernised in 2003, the plain granite 'stazzu gallurese' still keeps its reed-woven ceiling, its corner fireplace, its little windows. The double bedroom, with en suite bathroom, has a rustic bohemian décor – vine branches and sea shells - with relaxing colours and polished cement floor. Your lavish breakfast will include: yoghurts, fruit juices, fresh milk, tea or coffee, cereals, jams, freshly baked bread, home-baked cakes and seasonal products from the vegetable garden, brought out to the pergola in summer. The house is surrounded by a large Mediterranean garden: olive trees, arbutus, myrtle, and rosemary. The vegetable garden and the fruit trees are strictly organic.

Two hundred meters away from the B&B, Chivoni 2 is an independent cottage dating to the end of 19th century where up to five people may find comfortable accommodation. Surrounded by 2 hectares of ground, the place offers quiet and silence and has a very nice view of the surrounding hills and the village of Luogosanto (5 km away). Thanks to its thick granite walls the house is fresh even in the heat of summer. Its rooms are simply furnished but comfortable and tastefully decorated. The dining room has filled bookshelves and a fireplace. The two bedrooms, one double and one triple, are spacious and functional. The fitted kitchen is well equipped. The bathroom has one shower and a washing machine. Outside the house you will find the veranda with table and chairs, as well as a relax zone with hammock and a plane solar shower to take full advantage of the natural surroundings! In the garden, easy to climb rocks offer exciting entertainment to the children.

Located within an ancient grazing common, it is only 15/20 km away from Gallura's nicest beaches, the National Park of La Maddalena and Capo Testa as well as being the ideal starting point for historic and naturalistic trekking expeditions. Both the B&B and the Self-Catering Cottage, surrounded by large gardens and enclosed by dry stone walls, are historic farm buildings.


  • Стоянка
  • рецепция открыта 24 часа
  • ручные животные
  • с удобствами для пожилых
  • Мотоциклисты приветствуются
  • кафе
  • читальнаяя комната
  • комната для отдыха
  • терраса
  • пивная с садом
Бизнес/Отдых в гостинице
  • сад / парк
  • солярий
  • С удобствами для женщин (напр. фен, косметическое зеркало, хорошо освещенная стоянка)
  • номер для некурящих
  • письменный стол в номере
  • Домашние животные запрещены
  • Окончательная уборка
  • душ
  • ванна
  • WC
  • бидэ
Бизнес/Отдых в местности
  • пешеходный туризм
  • супермаркет
  • верховая езда
  • езда на пони
  • теннис
у воды: обстановка в местности/близости
  • прокат каноэ
  • прокат лодок
  • Очень тихое расположение
  • Особо красивое расположение

Оздоровительные услуги

Оздоровительные услуги
  • солярий

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Расстояние (по воздушной линии)

Центр города/центр местности
  • Luogosanto 3,18km
  • Luogo Santo 3,51km
  • Chessa 3,61km
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  • Case la Bandera 11km
  • Is S Maria Ss 11km
  • San Pasquale 12km
  • San Antonio 12km
  • Sant’Antonio di Gallura 13km
  • Aglientu Ss 13km
  • Vignola Mare 14km
  • Cantoniera di Bassacutena 6,26km
  • Sant Antonio 11km
  • Santo Biaxiu 12km
  • Fermata Caldosa 13km
  • Arzachena 14km
  • Santo Maria 14km
  • Stazzo Quidaciolu 16km
  • Stazzi Giacanu 18km
  • Olbia (OLB) 33km
  • Aéroport de Figari-Sud Corse (FSC) 48km
  • Alghero Fertilia (AHO) 93km
  • Campo Dell'Oro Ajaccio (AJA) 100km
  • Tortolì-Arbatax (TTB) 136km
  • Sant’Antonio di Gallura 11km
  • Caldosa 13km
  • Arzachena 14km
  • Palau 18km
  • Olbia 30km
  • Olbia 31km
  • Macomer 99km
В регионе
  • Costa Smeralda
  • Mediterranean Sea 7,79km
  • Olbia 31km
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