3 Estrellas  Hotel Capitol en Misano Adriatico

Hotel Capitol - Vista al exterior
Hotel Capitol - Vista al exterior
Hotel Capitol - Vestíbulo
Hotel Capitol - Restaurante
Hotel Capitol - Restaurante
Hotel Capitol - Habitaciones
Hotel Capitol - Habitaciones
Hotel Capitol - Habitaciones
Hotel Capitol - Habitaciones
Hotel Capitol - Baño
Hotel Capitol - Balcón
Hotel Capitol - Restaurante
Hotel Capitol - Salón de juegos infantiles
Hotel Capitol - Bienestar
Hotel Capitol - Bienestar
Hotel Capitol - Bienestar
Hotel Capitol - Bienestar
Hotel Capitol - Vestíbulo
Hotel Capitol - Vista al exterior
Hotel Capitol - Alrededores


Habitación doble 40.00 - 60.00 EUR

(con desayuno)

Actualizado el 16.02.2018


Via Alberello, 30

ITA-47843 Misano Adriatico

Tel +39 0541 615668

Fax +39 0541 611122

Categoría del alojamiento: Hotel, Hotel para familias

Camas: 98

Habitaciones: 44

Idiomas: Italiano Alemán Inglés Francés

Tarjetas de crédito:

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Descripción del alojamiento

The Hotel Capitol is the ideal choice for those in search of fun, relaxation, and a peaceful atmosphere.

Every year, we welcome families with children, young couples and sports enthusiasts, who find lots of holiday opportunities on the Adriatic coast. Our hotel at Misano Adriatico offers all the hospitality of the Romagna Riviera, with excellent cooking, modern comfortable rooms, rooftop terrace with pool and hydro massage, and children’s play area. Happy to welcome you

The rooms are provided with every facility, designed to answer all your needs. The décor is simple and subtle, echoing the theme of the sea in the choice of fabrics and colours. Relaxation and wellbeing are central to our Misano hotel, a way of enjoying your holiday which starts with the comfort of your room.

Room facilities in brief
• Air conditioning • Box shower • Hairdryer camera • TV
• Wi-Fi • Balcony with sea view available

The pleasure of a holiday also includes good food, and for this reason we only use genuine, fresh ingredients at our restaurant in Misano Adriatico. In the morning, we offer a wholesome, generous breakfast with our own sweet and savoury specialities, including delicious pastries, croissants, fruit, salami, yoghurt and cereals. At lunchtime at the Hotel Capitol restaurant, you can always enjoy a wide selection of fish and meat dishes, with an à -la-carte menu and vegetable buffet.

Once a week, we offer a special Romagna dinner, with traditional regional recipes, and local products we would like you to sample and enjoy, such as piadine bread, local cheese and salami, and home-made pasta. Also, our gala evenings at the Hotel Capitol provide an opportunity to enjoy excellent cuisine, featuring choice international dishes and a buffet of vegetables and mouth-watering desserts.

Ever since 1958, we have been welcoming guests to our 3-star hotel in Misano, with all the traditional hospitality of the Romagna region.Families choose us because we are based in Misano Adriatico, a peaceful resort with the longest pedestrianised seafront on the Riviera: a place where you can walk in complete safety or cycle using our hotel bikes. Our 3-star hotel is very near the sea, and close to the amusement parks which offer lots of special attractions for children.

Young people and groups of sports enthusiasts who choose a holiday in Misano Adriatico will discover an area where you can practise many types of sport, including cycling, tennis, beach volleyball and Nordic walking. There are also major events featuring the great champions of motorcycling, such as the San Marino and Rimini Rivera Grand Prix at the Marco Simoncelli Circuit. After dinner, there are the discos up in the hills, and lots of nightspots with at least one free event every evening.

We look forward to seeing you at the Hotel Capitol in Misano Adriatico.

Zona / Planificador de rutas

Servicios del hotel

En general
  • Aparcamiento
  • Bar
  • Ascensor
  • Recepción las 24 horas
  • Guardería/Jardín de infantes
  • Apto para niños
  • Descuentos para niños
  • Cocina vegetariana
  • Desayuno tipo bufet
  • Cerca del aeropuerto
  • Media pensión
  • Pensión completa
  • Facilidades para ciclistas
  • Facilidades para motociclistas
  • Areas verdes (aptas para descansar)
Negocios/Tiempo libre
  • Jacuzzi
  • Habitación con balcón
  • Para no fumadores
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Teléfono
  • Internet
  • Escritorio
  • Televisión
  • Nevera
  • Caja fuerte
  • Se aceptan mascotas
  • Servicio para minusválidos
  • Posibilidad de tercera cama en la habitación
  • Posibilidad de cuarta cama en la habitación
  • Ducha
  • WC
  • Bidé
  • Pantalla plana
  • Detector de humo en la habitación
Negocios / ocio en el area
  • Sendero para bicicletas
  • Jardín
  • Parque de juegos para niños
  • Senderismo
  • Nordic Walking
  • Supermercado
  • Piscina exterior
  • Jacuzzi
  • Programas de entretenimientos
  • Tenis
  • Alquiler de bicicletas
  • E-bike rental
  • Catación de vino
  • Conexión Wireless LAN
En el agua: Otros
  • Bar de Playa
En el agua: Actividades de tiempo libre
  • Nadar
  • Excursiones en piragua
  • Voleibol playero
  • Zona tranquila
  • Cerca del mar
  • En un balneario
  • Medios de transporte público


  • Jacuzzi

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Distancias (Linea recta)

El centro de la ciudad
  • Misano Adriatico 541m
  • Santa Monica-Cella 2,35km
  • Scacciano 2,72km
  • Casacce 2,91km
  • Riccione 3,32km
  • Misano Monte 3,63km
  • Torcona 4,06km
  • Fogliano Marina 4,61km
  • Cattolica 4,91km
  • San Giovanni in Marignano 5,14km
  • Case Monaldini 5,17km
  • Puglie 5,35km
  • Besanigo 5,75km
  • Gabicce Mare 5,93km
  • San Giovanni 5,98km
  • Marano 6,21km
  • Sant’Andrea in Casale 6,66km
  • Santa Maria Pietrafitta 6,7km
  • Coriano 6,97km
  • Miramare 7,94km
Parque de atracciones/Parque acuático/la terma
  • Riccione terme 1,92km
  • Parco Le Navi 3km
  • Acquario di Cattolica 3,1km
  • Oltremare Riccione 3,45km
  • Aquafan Riccione 3,61km
  • Beach Village 5,73km
  • Rimini Terme 6,95km
  • Fiabilandia Rimini 8,51km
  • Delfinario Rimini 15km
  • Italia in Miniatura Rimini 19km
Estación de tren
  • Misano Adriatico 659m
  • Riccione 2,98km
  • Cattolica 5,43km
  • Rimini Miramare (RN) 7,73km
  • Rimini 13km
  • Viserba 18km
  • Pesaro 20km
  • Misano 2,52km
  • Riccione 3,71km
  • Cattolica 5,1km
  • Rimini 14km
  • Pesaro 19km
  • Palazzo dei congressi Riccione 3,27km
  • Palazzo dei congressi Rimini 13km
  • Pesaro‎ 16km
  • Rimini 17km
  • Cesena 41km
  • Rimini (RMI) 7,27km
  • Forli (FRL) 56km
  • Ancona (AOI) 69km
  • Perugia Sant Egidio (PEG) 100km
  • Firenze Peretola (FLR) 121km
La atracción turística
  • Autodromo Santa Monica 2,17km
  • Rimini/miramare 7,28km
  • Rimini antica, centro storico 13km
Medios de transporte público
  • Via Milano 2,22km
  • Stazione Di Riccione 3,02km
  • Via Mille 3,36km
  • A14 Riccione 4,05km
  • A14 Rimini Nord Rimini 22km
  • Adriatic Sea 338m
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