4 Étoiles Animaux domestiques acceptés sur demande Resort Baia del Silenzio à Pisciotta


Chambre single 29.00 - 229.00 EUR

Chambre double 39.00 - 279.00 EUR

Chambre triple 49.00 - 299.00 EUR

Chambre quadruple 59.00 - 329.00 EUR

(avec petit déjeuner)

Tarif demi-pension jour par adulte 25.00 EUR

Tarif demi-pension jour par enfants 15.00 EUR

Tarif pension complète / jour par adulte 35.00 EUR

Tarif pension complète jour par enfants 20.00 EUR

Animaux 10.00 EUR

Petit déjeuner / Pers. 5.00 EUR


Via Palinuro 2

ITA-84066 Pisciotta

Tel. +39 097 4976079

Port. +39 039 245113

Fax +39 097 4976315

Catégorie hôtelière: Resort, Hôtel

Capacité: 500

Chambres: 128

Appartements de vacances: 4

Langues: Italien Espagnol Tchèque Slovaque Français Anglais

Cartes de crédit:

Check in: 16:00

check out, au plus tard à: 10:00

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Description de l'établissement.

Welcome to the Resort Baia del Silenzio in Pisciotta!

There are many good reasons to choose the holiday village Resort Baia del Silenzio. You can benefit from our special offers to make a memorable, but also affordable holiday with your family. We have various suggestions to meet your needs. Another reason for you to enjoy a holiday village residence in Palinuro surrounded by the nature of the Cilento.

Now it's time to choose your ideal accommodation for your stay at the Resort Baia del Silenzo in the Holiday Village Residence in Palinuro. We offer a rich selection to satisfy your special needs of your family. From the bungalows to the apartments and caravans: you choose the most practical or comfortable accommodation for you. The apartment or cottage is custom made.

The perfect vacation? A holiday that spoils the palate. The restaurant service is the authentic value of the Baia del Silenzio resort. The restaurant is exclusively for the guests and offers finely prepared and varied menus for half and full board. If you choose an à la carte menu, you can enjoy your meal on the terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Palinuro. In both cases we guarantee a fast service. The first and second courses prepared by our chefs in real time are served in record time. Side dishes, desserts and fruit are available at the buffet. Faster than that! At the table local delicacies and at any rate meals of guaranteed quality are served. Fresh products like fish, a master product of the menu. And at the "Cilento evening" we offer real and own dishes around the tastes of the area.

You do not have to worry because your children will not be bored during their stay at the holiday village in Palinuro. And your kids will not only find new friends for play and adventure, but also and above all, they will have an irresistible point of reference: our mini club. The Mini Club offers thrilling and fun activities for the little ones on all weekdays

At Baia del Silenzio Resort in Palinuro, everything was thought out to keep stress out. We provide a range of services to make your stay enjoyable from any point of view, making you feel at home. Everything is at hand to satisfy the daily needs of a family and ask for authentic relaxation lessons, from the restaurant to the spa. Forget about the nightmare of driving on the road in a car and on a nerve-wracking search for what is necessary. In our holiday village in Palinuro and just a few steps from your room, you will find everything you need.

Our hotel with private Lido on the beach in Palinuro is located in the middle of the Cilento National Park. The park is a World Heritage Site due to its quality of life, integration and balance between man and his habitat resources as well as ability to preserve his traditions. With its 180,000 hectares, it is the second largest park in Italy. It is located in the valuable reserve of the biosphere of the program MAB. There are many animal species such as otter at home. It is characterized by a wealth of rural and geological value, ranging from the pine trees of Aleppo and olive groves of Pisciotta to the chestnut trees and beech forest; from the Dolomiti massif of Alburni and Cervati to the flysch of the rocky reefs, from the numerous sea caves to the sources of the underground rivers with fantastic limestone caves ..

In Cilento there are a thousand hidden treasures and its archaeological area (Paestum and Velia) are testimonials of a millennial culture. The remnants of the human presence of the Neolithic tell of a hospitable land that dates back well into the centuries.

Plan / Carte routière


  • Parking
  • Restaurant (pour clients)
  • Garderie / Jardin d´enfants
  • Enfants bienvenus
  • Demi-pension
  • Pension complète
Business / loisirs dans l'établissement.
  • Espace jeux pour enfants
  • Animation
  • Danse
  • Chambre non fumeur
  • Prise internet
  • TV
  • Réfrigérateur
  • 3 lits dans la chambre
  • 4 lits dans la chambre
  • Douche
  • WC dans SDB
  • TV Cable
Affaires / Loisirs sur place
  • Piscine en plein air
  • Salle de fitness
  • Danse
  • Tennis
  • Navette gare
  • Navette aéroport
  • Service journaux
  • Poste internet gratuit
  • En bord de mer

Restaurant dans les environs

Pas de photo disponible

Ristorante La Spiaggia à Pisciotta vicino Salerno

(ca. 1.4 km)

Via Nazionale 4

84066 Pisciotta vicino Salerno

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Ristorante Riviera à Pisciotta

(ca. 3.3 km)

Via Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 56 56

84066 Pisciotta

Tel.+39 0974 973073

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Ristorante Baia à Palinuro

(ca. 5.2 km)

Corso Carlo Pisacane 205

84051 Palinuro

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Restaurant Miramare à Palinuro

(ca. 5.2 km)

Via Carlo Pisacane 81

84051 Palinuro

Tel.+39 0974 93 10 23

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Ristorante Santa Pigna à Foria di Centola

(ca. 5.3 km)

Strada Provinciale 109

84051 Foria di Centola

Tel.+39 0974 934565

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Ristorante Pappa & Poppa Hostaria à Palinuro

(ca. 5.4 km)

Via Indipendenza 113

84051 Palinuro

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Ristorante Pizzeria Nettuno à Palinuro

(ca. 5.5 km)

Corso Carlo Pisacane 148

84051 Palinuro

Tel.+39 0974 931166

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Ristorante L'Ancora à Centola - Palinuro vicino Salerno

(ca. 5.5 km)

Via Indipendenza 42

84051 Centola - Palinuro vicino Salerno

Tel.+39 0974 931373

Pas de photo disponible

Ristorante Lido Ficocella à Palinuro

(ca. 5.7 km)

Via Ficocella 48

84051 Palinuro

Tel.+39 0974 93 10 51

Pas de photo disponible

Albergo Ristorante Sant' Anna à Palinuro

(ca. 5.8 km)

Piazza Virgilio 22

84051 Palinuro

Tel.+39 0974 931159


Distances ( à vol d'oiseau )

  • Torre Orsaia Sa 1,98km
  • Roccagloriosa Sa 2,36km
  • Alfano Sa 2,36km
  • Laurito Sa 2,52km
  • San Nicola 2,6km
  • Celle di Bulgher 3,67km
  • Pisciotta 3,73km
  • Montano Antilia 3,76km
  • San Mauro la Bruca 4,13km
  • Rofrano Sa 4,53km
  • Foria 4,66km
  • Centola 4,66km
  • Palinuro 5,72km
  • Caselle in Pitta 5,73km
  • San Nazario 5,85km
  • Morigerati Sa 5,95km
  • Futani Sa 5,96km
  • Rodio 6,07km
  • Cuccaro Vetere S 6,79km
  • Ispani Sa 7,02km
  • Vallo della Lucania 17km
  • Salerno 77km
  • Mercato San Severino 90km
  • Napoli 121km
  • Mostra D'Oltremare 123km
  • Palinuro 6km
  • Marina di Camerota 14km
  • Casal Velino 16km
  • Pisciotta 3,72km
  • Policastro Bussentino 22km
  • Salerno-Pontecagnano (QSR) 67km
  • Napoli Capodichino (NAP) 122km
  • Tirreno Sea 86m
  • Velia 14km
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