1 Stars Pets permitted upon request Hotel San Martín in Frómista

Hotel San Martín - Outside


Single room from 38.00 EUR

Double room from 55.00 EUR

Suite from 80.00 EUR

Breakfast per person 5.00 EUR


Plaza San Martín, 7

ESP-34440 Frómista

Tel +34 979 810 000

Fax +34 979 810 000

Category: Hotel

Beds: 33

Rooms: 18

Languages: Spanish English

Credit cards:

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Facility description

Welcome to the Hotel San Martín in Frómista!

Located just next to the church of St. Martin of Tours, hotel San Martin has a family atmosphere and offers 19 rooms (1 suite, 1 for disabled people and 17 double).

All rooms are equipped with Bathroom, TV, Free WiFi, Phone, Music, Individual heating.

Furthermore, the hotel also offers its customers: Living room, Restaurant and cafeteria, Ice cream parlor with terrace (only in summer), Garden with terrace for exclusive use of hotel clients, Meeting room, Parking area, Free WiFi, Press service in the cafeteria, Barrier-free building. Pets are allowed, on request.

Frómista is a crossroads of different historical routes: Camino de Santiago, from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela, Water Trail, from Alar del Rey to Valladolid and Medina del Campo, along the Canal de Castilla, Iron Road, from Madrid to Santander, following the path of an old railroad

Whether you come for just one night or for a longer stay, when you stay at our town, you are strongly recommended to visit some interesting landmarks: Romanesque San Martin Church, Saint Peter Museum, Santa María del Castillo...



General features
  • Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Bar
  • Café
  • Terrace
Business / recreation at the premises
  • Garden / park
  • TV
  • Wireless LAN

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Air-line distance

City Center
  • Fromista 40m
  • Poblacion de Campos 3,09km
  • Boadilla del Camino 5,27km
  • Marcilla de Campos 5,81km
  • Pina de Campos 6,02km
  • Piña de Campos 6,23km
  • Villovieco 6,38km
  • Revenga de Campos 6,47km
  • Tamara 7,06km
  • Requena de Campos 7,19km
  • Santiago del Val 7,75km
  • Santoyo 7,85km
  • Villarmentero 8,22km
  • Amayuelas de Arriba 8,44km
  • Villarmentero de Campos 8,52km
  • Amayuelas 9,03km
  • Las Cabanas de Castilla 9,81km
  • Palacios del Alcor 9,88km
  • Aranda 90km
  • León 104km
  • Torrelavega 124km
  • Satander 142km
  • Valladolid (VLL) 73km
  • Leon (LEN) 109km
  • Santander (SDR) 139km
  • Abanades 19km
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