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Quarto individual 70.00 - 170.00 EUR

Quarto duplo 80.00 - 200.00 EUR

(com café da manhã)


Via Sardegna 28

ITA-47843 Misano Adriatico

Tel. +39 0541 614161

Fax +39 0541 613748

Categoria de alojamento: Hotel, Hotel para famílias, Férias para crianças, Hotel de férias, Hotel de negócios

Camas: 105

Quartos: 53

Suites: 2

Idiomas: Italiano Inglês Alemão Francês

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Descrição do hotel

Welcome to Hotel Atlantic Riviera in Misano Adriatico!

This is our philosophy: at the centre of our attentions are: you, your family, your children, your holiday! Our intent is to make you feel pampered to in comfortable environments full of atmosphere, relaxed on the beach or by the scenic swimming pool with whirlpool and fully satisfied with the tasty, carefully-prepared and wholesome food….. a holiday to regenerate body and mind!

The greatest start to your day…. Waking up relaxed after sleeping well is the best possible way to start a splendid day! This is why all our rooms have been fully refurbished and brought up to international standards, tastefully furnished to make sure that your stay in Misano will be a true pleasure for you.
We offer four room types.
- The Deluxe
- The Family Deluxe
- The Junior Suite
- The Suite

At Misano Adriatico’s Atlantic Riviera Hotel we dedicate great attention not only to how our rooms look, but above all to how comfortable and healthy they are. So all rooms have noise-insulated floors and orthopaedic beds and mattresses, but most importantly, as well as using biodegradable products for our daily cleaning, every time guests vacate a room we carry out a total sanitization with certified machines that work without using chemical products of any kind, exploiting higher concentrations of ozone instead. This totally eliminates pollen, bacteria, viruses and dust mites from surfaces, the air and even air-conditioner filters, leaving the room perfectly clean and healthy, and particularly suitable for guests with allergies.

Our kitchen has been lovingly and skilfully directed since 1969 by chef Graziella Casadei. Together with her staff, she endeavours with great enthusiasm to present wholesome and tasty dishes. In the morning, you will find a rich buffet breakfast with sweet and savoury specialities, home-made cakes and biscuits and plenty of fruit to start the day off with lots of energy and good humour. At lunch and dinner, home-made pasta, national and regional dishes including meat, fish and plenty of vegetables, all dressed with extra-virgin olive oil of our own production; there is also a hot and cold vegetable buffet, including organic, all perfectly fresh and just out of the oven. To end the meal, a range of desserts and famous fruit cakes, delicious and light.

Panoramic spa
We are very proud and happy to introduce you to the new panoramic wellness area. Inaugurated in the summer of 2018, it is located on the top floor of the hotel, where the beautiful swimming pool is located. The wellness area is exclusive and quiet, here you can enjoy your holiday in complete relaxation and focus only on your well-being. The fantastic sea view beautifies everything and makes your stay special. The area has a sun terrace with sun loungers, a hot tub, a Turkish bath and sensory showers.

Our hotel at Misano Adriatico features a large adjacent private car park, in a wonderful position along a pedestrian precinct between Riccione and Cattolica in the province of Rimini, and close to the sandy beach (50mt.) and tourist centre.
Also close by are the Spa facilities with an excellent wellness centre, theme parks ( Aquafan, Oltremare, le Navi…..), the Misano World Circuit motor-racing track, viale Ceccarini (for shopping) and Portoverde where, if you so wish, we can book you a boat at special rates to really live the sea to the full.

Within easy reach is a fantastic surrounding countryside – green hills, villages and medieval castles that once belonged to the Malatesta and Montefeltro Seignories.
All these features make the Hotel Atlantic Riviera of Misano Adriatico the ideal place for families and for a wonderful holiday in Misano.

Localização / Plano da rota


  • Parque de estacionamento
  • Restaurante (só para hóspedes)
  • Bar
  • Elevador
  • Recepção 24 horas
  • Acompanhamento / assistência a crianças
  • Quarto de brincar
  • Serviço de bagagem
  • Adequado para crianças
  • Desconto para crianças
  • Cozinha vegetariana
  • Cozinha dietética
  • Adequado para pessoas idosas
  • Também quartos
  • Estacionamento para ônibus
  • Ônibus bem-vindos
  • Buffet de café da manhã
  • Próximo do aeroporto
  • Meia pensão
  • Pensão completa
  • Próximo da rodovia
  • Casas de férias
  • Adequado para ciclistas
  • Motociclistas bem-vindos
  • Pode ser reservado por agência
  • Desconto para empresas
  • Tarifas para grupos
  • Café
  • Área social
  • TV na sala social
  • Terraço
  • Cervejaria ao ar livre
Negócios/Lazer no estabelecimento
  • Jardim / parque
  • Tênis de mesa
  • Whirlpool
  • Bronzeamento artificial
  • Piscina
  • Aluguel de bicicletas
  • Prova de vinhos no vinhedo
  • Quarto com varanda
  • Adequado para mulheres (por ex. secador de cabelos, espelho de maquilhagem, estacionamento iluminado...)
  • Quarto não-fumante
  • Ar-condicionado no quarto
  • Telefone no quarto
  • Ligação à Internet
  • Escrivaninha no quarto
  • Rádio no quarto
  • TV
  • Minibar
  • Cofre no quarto
  • Quartos adequados para deficientes
  • Limpeza final
  • Quarto com 3 camas
  • Quarto com 4 camas
  • Chuveiro
  • Banheira
  • WC
  • Bidê
  • TV por satélite
Negócios/Lazer no local
  • Pista de cicloturismo/pedestrianismo
  • Jardim / parque
  • Parque infantil
  • Pedestrianismo
  • Marcha nórdica
  • Supermercado
  • Piscina
  • Massagem
  • Banho turco
  • Sauna
  • Wellness
  • Academia
  • Sala para conferências
  • Serviço de congressos
  • Beauty farm
  • Termas próprias
  • Devoção
  • Animação
  • Estação de equitação e pedestrianismo
  • Dançar
  • Academia de ginástica
  • Golfe
  • Minigolfe
  • Equitação
  • Equitação com poneis
  • Tênis
  • Squash
  • Tiro ao arco
  • Termas
  • Programa de férias para crianças
  • Serviços de escritório
  • Transfer para a rodoviária
  • Transfer para o aeroporto
  • Serviço de quarto
  • Serviço de jornais
  • Estação de navegação na Internet grátis
  • Wireless LAN
  • Limpeza a seco
À beira da água: Equipamento no local/Na proximidade
  • Aluguel de cadeiras de vime
  • Aluguel de canoas
  • Aluguel de barcos
  • Localização tranquila
  • Localização em área privilegiada
  • Centro
  • Próximo da estação de metrô
  • À beira-mar


  • Whirlpool
  • Bronzeamento artificial
  • Piscina

Restaurantes nos arredores

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Ristorante Pizzeria Mariolina em Misano Adriatico

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Ristorante Vanni em Misano Adriatico

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Ristorante Ariston em Misano Adriatico

(ca. 1.1 km)

Via G. D'Annunzio 23

47843 Misano Adriatico

Tel.+39 0541 615199


Distâncias (linha direta)

  • Misano Adriatico 675m
  • Santa Monica-Cella 2,47km
  • Scacciano 2,72km
  • Casacce 3,03km
  • Riccione 3,2km
  • Misano Monte 3,67km
  • Torcona 4,18km
  • Fogliano Marina 4,49km
  • Cattolica 5,03km
  • Case Monaldini 5,09km
  • San Giovanni in Marignano 5,29km
  • Puglie 5,35km
  • Besanigo 5,7km
  • Gabicce Mare 6,04km
  • Marano 6,09km
  • San Giovanni 6,13km
  • Sant’Andrea in Casale 6,76km
  • Santa Maria Pietrafitta 6,84km
  • Coriano 6,96km
  • Miramare 7,81km
Parque de lazer / terma
  • Riccione terme 1,79km
  • Parco Le Navi 3,11km
  • Acquario di Cattolica 3,2km
  • Oltremare Riccione 3,38km
  • Aquafan Riccione 3,55km
  • Beach Village 5,6km
  • Rimini Terme 6,81km
  • Fiabilandia Rimini 8,38km
  • Delfinario Rimini 14km
  • Italia in Miniatura Rimini 19km
Estação de metrô
  • Misano Adriatico 790m
  • Riccione 2,86km
  • Cattolica 5,54km
  • Rimini Miramare (RN) 7,6km
  • Rimini 13km
  • Viserba 17km
  • Pesaro 20km
  • Misano 2,63km
  • Riccione 3,58km
  • Cattolica 5,19km
  • Rimini 14km
  • Pesaro 19km
  • Palazzo dei congressi Riccione 3,15km
  • Palazzo dei congressi Rimini 13km
  • Pesaro‎ 16km
  • Rimini 17km
  • Cesena 41km
  • Rimini (RMI) 7,15km
  • Forli (FRL) 55km
  • Ancona (AOI) 69km
  • Perugia Sant Egidio (PEG) 100km
  • Firenze Peretola (FLR) 121km
Locais de interesse turístico
  • Autodromo Santa Monica 2,3km
  • Rimini/miramare 7,17km
  • Rimini antica, centro storico 13km
Transportes públicos
  • Via Milano 2,1km
  • Stazione Di Riccione 2,9km
  • Via Mille 3,24km
  • A14 Riccione 3,99km
  • A14 Rimini Nord Rimini 21km
  • Adriatic Sea 280m
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