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Welcome to the newly renovated Hotel Europa & Concordia in Alassio on the Italian Riviera!

Hotel Europa & Concordia is a 4 star hotel overlooking the main square of Alassio and facing the sea. It has 54 fully renovated rooms, a restaurant serving Ligurian and international specialties, a private beach reserved for hotel customers and a private covered parking.

Built at the end of the 19th century, Hotel Europa & Concordia was at that time already the reference point for the first Anglo-Saxon tourists and has been the official host of various political figures and famous artists. In the new millennium, the hotel was the subject of new and significant renovations and modernization in order to welcome a more numerous and differentiated clientele.

In the hotel restaurant the best traditional cuisine of Liguria, Italy and international specialties are served, but you can also enjoy gluten free and vegetarian menus.

Our hotel has reserved a private beach with umbrellas, deck chairs and cabins. The fine sandy beach and crystal clear sea make sure for a memorable holiday. For lovers of relaxation and wellness, the guests can visit the Seatherapy- and Spa Centre, only 100 meters from the hotel.

Alassio is one of the most cherished goals of summer travelers and the ideal city for sports enthusiasts. You have the option of sailing, golf, tennis (Tennis Club is just 800 meters from the hotel), cycling, mountain biking, windsurfing, diving, horseback riding, running trekking on horseback, nature walks, paragliding, water skiing, kite surfing, boat trips and whale watching with departure from the quay of Laigueglia and Andora.

Alassio is a pronounced history and culture, city. Its origins date back to the legend of Adelasia, the daughter of Emperor Otto I, back, who found refuge together with Aleramo on the territory of Alassio. The first settlements probably go back to the 10th century, when some families settled on the hill known as Castle Madonna delle Grazie, where still today the oldest Stadtwappen Alsssios is kept. These families left in the result, the hills and settled on the beach, where they founded "Burgun Alaxii".

Alassio is also an ideal starting point to reach all the tourist destinations of Liguria. The nearby cities Albenga, Varigotti and Loano are only a short drive away. The caves of Toirano and Borgio are 30 minutes away by car, to Savona and Imperia 45 minutes are required. To Genoa it`s just 90 km and it can be visited in one day.


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מרכז העיר
Alassio 884m
Solva 1,3km
Vegliasco 1,67km
Moglio 1,9km
Regione Monti 2,79km
Laigueglia 3,43km
Caso 3,68km
Molino Nuovo 4,31km
Marino 4,53km
Lanfredi 4,67km
Villanova d’Albenga 5,21km
Bastia 5,37km
San Giovanni 5,67km
Albenga 5,75km
Andora 6,54km
Campochiesa 6,91km
Garlenda 7,06km
Ortovero 7,93km
Marta 8,68km
Giustenice Sv 20km
Alassio-Solva 1,84km
San Bartolomeo 12km
Diano Marina 14km
Loano 16km
Imperia 18km
Finale Ligure 22km
Cuneo 68km
Genova 75km
Alba 78km
La Spezia 132km
Marina di Massa 149km
Carrara 149km
תחנת רכבת
Alassio 1,02km
Laigueglia 3,27km
Diano Marina 14km
Imperia 17km
Finale Ligure 23km
Genova Cristoforo Colombo (GOA) 70km
Cuneo Levaldigi (CUF) 75km
Côte d'Azur (NCE) 87km
Torino (TRN) 138km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
A10 Andora 4,79km
Albenga 6,35km
Borghetto S. Spirito 14km
מומלץ לצפיה
Finalborgo Verezzi 20km
Ligurian Sea 109m
תחבורה ציבורית
Via Leonardo Da Vinci 984m


75.00-280.00 EUR

חדר ליחיד 75.00 - 110.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 110.00 - 200.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה 140.00 - 240.00 EUR

חדר לארבעה 170.00 - 280.00 EUR

(כולל ארוחת-בוקר)

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום למבוגר 28.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/מבוגר 50.00 EUR

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יצירת קשר

  • Piazza Partigiani 36
  • 17021 Alassio
  • 0182 643324
  • 0182 471289
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תמונה: Ristorante Europa E Concordia
Ristorante Europa E Concordia

Piazza Partigiani 36

30m Alassio (SV), Riviera dei Fiori

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Ristorante Da Tina

Viale Torino 24

60m Diano Marina

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Ristorante Dei Fiori

Viale Marconi 78

160m Alassio

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Ristorante Lamberti

Via Gramsci 57

280m Alassio

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Ristorante Profumo di Timo

Via Milano 14

330m Alassio (SV), Riviera dei Fiori

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Ristorante Ligure

Passeggiata Grollero 25

390m Alassio (SV), Riviera dei Fiori

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Via Doria 34

490m Alassio

תמונה: Restaurant Mimosa
Restaurant Mimosa

Piazza Andrea Doria 16

500m Alassio

תמונה: Ristorante Grill La Marina
Ristorante Grill La Marina

Passeggiata Luigi Cadorna 18

550m Alassio

תמונה: Ristorante Aida
Ristorante Aida

Via Gioia 25

710m Alassio