4 כוכבים חיות מחמד על פי בקשה Hotel THALHOF am See in Caldaro al Lago/Kaltern am See

Hotel THALHOF am See - Outside


חדר ליחיד החל מ- 115.00 EUR

חדר זוגי החל מ- 170.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה החל מ- 182.00 EUR

חדר לארבעה החל מ- 285.00 EUR

Junior Suite החל מ- 200.00 EUR

סוויטה החל מ- 285.00 EUR

(כולל חצי פנסיון)

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום למבוגר 23.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום לילד 15.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/מבוגר 23.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/ילד 15.00 EUR

חיות מחמד 12.00 EUR

מס אורח (בספא) 1.00 EUR

Price note

עודכן בתאריך 20.05.2020


St. Josef am See 10

ITA-39052 Caldaro al Lago/Kaltern am See

טל. +39 0471 960163

פקס +39 0471 960001

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון

מיטות: 120

חדר: 60

סוויטות: 10

Juniorsuites: 7

שפות: איטלקית גרמנית אנגלית צרפתית

כרטיסי אשראי:

כניסה הכי מוקדמת: 12:00

זמן עזיבה לכל המאוחר: 15:00

Recommend Hotel THALHOF am See:

תיאור הבית

Welcome to Hotel Thalhof on Lake Kaltern, South Tyrol.

Hotel Thalhof is surrounded by sunny vineyards and just 2 minutes walk from the lake beach.
We have demolished the whole structure and are building everything new!
On 1st July 2017 we will welcome you again with open arms.

This is what it is going to look like. It blends smoothly into the rolling vineyards. Natural materials, taken from the surrounding environment and simple silhouettes allow building and landscape to merge. An architectual style that enables peace and harmony. An ideal area to recharge and enjoy. A lot of green space, a panoramic terrace with breath taking scenic view, a modern Spa area, generous rooms with balconies and a park area with a new swimming pool - there is nothing left ot be desired... ​

As of summer 2017, Hotel Thalhof will have a brilliant new look – and its rooms will take the limelight. Lots of light, to be precise. For the new rooms and suites all face south and let in plenty of southern charm in the form of sun and cypress-dotted vineyards thanks to their large glass facades.

60 stylish, spacious rooms await guests at Hotel Thalhof. Each one with its own south-facing balcony. Eyes are drawn to Kalterer See lake from the upper floor, while from the ground floor it is the green of the garden and vineyards that attracts. Select furniture and thoughtful attention to detail set the rooms, which feature spacious, open bathrooms, apart. A relaxed hotel room to greet guests after an exciting and eventful day. All rooms are equipped with a bath and a stepless showerbase, separate WC, hairdryer, fluffy bathrobes, flat-screen TV with satellite, minibar, safe, W-Lan and direct dialling telephone. In addition, all rooms have a south/south east-facing balcony.

Water. And all stress gets washed away. Bubbles. Your muscles relax. Steam. Simply sweat out your inner turmoil. Serenity on the lake, for the soul. The calm runs deep when lying in water. In the water massage fountain, in the steam bath and by the sumptuous views of the vineyards and mountains from the glass facade of the panoramic sauna. You'll find the calm and profound relaxation you're looking for in the wellness area. It is brand new, refined and extended. For guests seeking a relaxing and restorative break with us. A small and beautiful wellness area featuring a quiet terrace. Right by Kalterer See lake. Serenity on the house.

Sun – heaven – palms – lake – nature – dreams become true at Hotel Thalhof. Amongst a mixture of Mediterranean mildness and Alpine ruggedness you can find an extremely rich fauna of cypress trees, oleaster and even palms. At Lake Kaltern you can swim, surf, sail, rent a paddle boat, fish, sunbathe...

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Restaurant im Thalhof am See

Restaurant im Thalhof am See in Caldaro al Lago/Kaltern am See

(0-100 m)

St. Josef am See 10

39052 Caldaro al Lago/Kaltern am See

טל.+39 0471 960163

אין תמונה זמינה

Gasthof Seeperle in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 100 m)

St. Josef am See 28

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

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Camping Gretl am See in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 300 m)

St. Josef am See 18

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960244

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Frühstückspension Vogelmeierhof in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 500 m)

St. Josef am See 37

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960003

אין תמונה זמינה

Zimmervermietung Morandell Dominikus in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 700 m)

St. Josef am See 39

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960250

אין תמונה זמינה

Winzerhof Haus Weinrandl in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 900 m)

St. Josef am See 46

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960067

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant Am See in Caldaro

(ca. 900 m)

Campi al lago 9

39052 Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960000

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant Gasthof Klughammer in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 1.1 km)

Klughammer 5

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960159

אין תמונה זמינה

Seehotel Ambach in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 1.5 km)

Klughammer 3c

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 960098

אין תמונה זמינה

Restaurant Pizzeria Sonnegghof in Kaltern/Caldaro

(ca. 1.6 km)

Altenburg 2

39052 Kaltern/Caldaro

טל.+39 0471 963520


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