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Hotel Albergo Casalta - Outside


חדר ליחיד 45.00 - 80.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 75.00 - 105.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה 90.00 - 120.00 EUR

(כולל ארוחת-בוקר)

תוספת מחיר לחצי פנסיון ליום למבוגר 27.00 EUR

תוספת מחיר פנסיון מלא יום/מבוגר 50.00 EUR

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Via XVII Marzo 22 - Loc. Strove

ITA-53035 Monteriggioni

טל. +39 0577 301002

פקס +39 0577 301002

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון, בית מלון קטן / לינה וארוחת-בוקר, מבנים היסטוריים, מלון חופשה, מלון טיולים, בית הארחה בהרים / בקתת הרים

מיטות: 22

חדר: 10

שפות: איטלקית אנגלית צרפתית ספרדית פורטוגזית

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תיאור הבית

Welcome to the Casalta Hotel Ristorante Winebar in Monteriggioni!

Hotel Casalta is located in the heart of Strove, a hamlet of Monteriggioni, a small village of Lombard origins that has become a crossroads for the pilgrims of the Via Francigena. The spacious lobby with Wi-Fi connection and the restaurant inside provide a peaceful atmosphere for pleasant moments of relaxation in good company. Guests can easily reach the main tourist centers nearby and the characteristic places of Sienese Chianti.

Perfectly renovated and in an excellent position to reach the main attractions between Siena, Florence and Chianti, here you can experience the Tuscany of your dreams. All rooms are furnished with antique furniture and art objects that have been skilfully combined and expanded.

The Casalta Hotel offers unique accommodation in a simple elegance, with picturesque views of the Tuscan countryside, the Via Francigena and the views of the village. No matter which room you choose, antique furniture and attention to detail will catapult you into a timeless space reminiscent of bygone days without sacrificing modern comforts such as: Air conditioning, Wi-Fi or Smart TV. In the morning you can enjoy the intoxicating scent of freshly baked cakes, fresh juices and warm drinks, local jams and honey, pecorino cheese, meat, eggs and much more.

Our chef Paola will surprise you with her signature dishes, united by the authentic flavors created by the use of carefully selected local ingredients. A perfect arrangement of aromas, fragrances and colors, whose aim is to give the palate the original emotion and the most authentic taste of Tuscany.

Thanks to the valuable support of Gabriele, another idea was developed and realized, which is obviously based on the fascinating world of wine: on pre-order! Tommaso and Gabriele propose the following tasting: "From the vineyard to the glass": a 45-minute journey, where you not only taste the selected wines, but also learn the tasting techniques, learn the history of labels and enjoy all that with bruschetta and cheese.

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  • פנסיון מלא
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Via XVII Marzo 22 - Loc. Strove

53035 Monteriggioni

טל.+39 0577 301002

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מרחקים (קו אויר)

מרכז העיר
  • Strove 621m
  • Montauto 1,46km
  • Abbadia A Isola 2,33km
  • Casone 2,49km
  • Villa Bertolli 3,25km
  • Casa Nagli 3,38km
  • Gracciano d'Elsa 3,65km
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  • San Marziale 3,88km
  • Staggia 4,27km
  • Monteriggioni 4,39km
  • Mensanello 4,49km
  • Belvedere 4,53km
  • Colle di Val d'Elsa 5,19km
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  • Perugia 102km
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  • Firenze Peretola (FLR) 48km
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  • Pisa (PSA) 72km
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תחנת רכבת
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  • Siena 14km
  • Certaldo 22km
מומלץ לצפיה
  • Podere di Monte Miccioli 15km
  • Pieve di Cellole 19km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
  • Autostrada Firenze/Siena Castellina In Chiant 19km
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