4 星 狗欢迎 Hotel Ristorante Brancamaria in Cala Gonone


单人房 66.00 - 138.00 EUR

双人房 78.00 - 190.00 EUR

三人房 110.00 - 240.00 EUR


Surcharge for half-board for adults per day 20.00 - 35.00 EUR

疗养税 1.50 EUR


Via Colombo

ITA-08022 Cala Gonone

电话 +39 0784 920036

电传 +39 0784 920275

旅馆种类: 酒店

床: 158

房间: 65

套房: 6

语言: 意大利语 英语 德语 法语 西班牙语


季节: 01.10.-31.03.

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Welcome to the Hotel Brancamaria where the mountains meet the sea of ​​Barbagia creating stunning beaches.

Hotel Brancamaria is in Cala Gonone in Sardinia, at the National Park Centre of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu, was recently renovated and equipped with every comfort to satisfy the most demanding customers thanks to our highly qualified and multilingual (English, German, French, Spanish).

Rooms with a view of one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean Sea alternate with beautiful rooms overlooking the hotel's private swimming pool surrounded by typical Sardinian vegetation. Some feature a hot tub with chromotherapy. The rooms, furnished with modern design, offer all the comforts of a four-star hotel: air conditioning, color TV, direct dial telephone, hairdryer, safe, minibar and French balcony

Additional hotel amenities include: parking for an open or covered parking (limited places), parking for buses and the pre-Olympic pool with a large terrace.

The Restaurant "La Terrazza" is the ideal place to taste the flavors of the sea and the land of Sardinia as well as Mediterranean cuisine, always accompanied by a selection of the best regional and national wines. In the lobby is available free wireless access. The quality cuisine is enhanced by the combination with the wines of our vineyard and Branca with the best regional and national wines, for a gastronomic and cultural path that leads to authentic flavors and traditions of the real Sardinia.

The Cala Gonone Hotel Brancamaria is located in one of the most charming areas of Sardinia, an uncontaminated and crystalline sea not far from the mountains of Gennargentu and Supramonte. It is the ideal place for a seaside holiday of relaxation, adventure and sports.

Hotel Brancamaria organizes for its customers who love the sea, unforgettable excursions to Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriola, Cala dei Gabbiani and Cala Mariolu, even at sunrise. In addition to these wonderful beaches customers can visit the famous caves of the Bue Marino and Fico Cave.

Hotel Brancamaria also organizes, for lovers of trekking and hiking, interesting routes with the collaboration of the best guides in the area. Among the destinations suggested the Gola di Gorroppu, the deepest canyon in Europe, and the Village of Tiscali, the nuragic village built inside a karst sinkhole. And still Archaeological Tour and Jeep Tour in Supramonte.

位置图 / 路线图


  • 餐馆
  • 车房
  • 停车场
  • 酒吧
  • 客廊
  • 电梯
  • 24小时接待
  • babysitting / 临时保姆
  • 素食
  • 健康美食
  • 选定膳食
  • 高龄友善
  • 巴士停车场
  • 欢迎旅游巴士
  • 自助早餐
  • 半宿
  • 欢迎摩托车
  • 咖啡馆
  • 阅读室
  • 休息室有电视机
  • 平台
  • 啤酒院
商务/休闲 旅馆设施
  • 花园 / 公园
  • 按摩
  • 日光浴室
  • 游泳池
  • 可开小议会
  • 禁烟房间
  • 空调房间
  • 房内有电话
  • 房内有书桌
  • 房内有电视机
  • 迷你水吧
  • 房内有保险箱
  • 附残障设备的房间
  • 用后自己清理
  • 三人房
  • 淋浴
  • 洗澡浴缸
  • 厕所
  • 坐浴盘
商务/休闲 当地设施
  • 蜻蜓
  • 远足
  • 北欧竞步
  • 超市
  • 露天游泳池
  • 按摩
  • 健体中心
  • 健美农庄
  • 附设疗养室
  • 祈祷
  • 远程马战
  • 骑马
  • 矮马骑玩
  • 网球
  • 自行车出租
  • 射箭
  • 酿酒厂试酒
  • 滑翔
  • 飞机场转乘服务
  • 海港转乘服务
  • 报章服务
  • 免费互联网工作站
  • 洗衣服务
  • 备办小食服务
At the water: 旅馆设施
  • 包太阳伞
At the water: 地点设施/附近设施
  • 沙滩长椅出租
  • 太阳伞出租
  • 水上摩托车出租
  • 独木舟出租
  • 小船出租
  • 潜水课程
  • 划艇
  • 脚踏船
  • 机动艇
  • 穿梭自行车
At the water: 其他
  • 邮轮
  • 沙滩酒吧
At the water: 休闲活动
  • 钓鱼
  • 游泳
  • 滑水橇
  • 帆伞运动
  • 滑翔
  • 独木舟
  • 峡谷旅游
  • 皮梃旅行
  • 徒手潜水
  • 狗欢迎
  • 兽医在附近
  • 只有小型犬
  • 环境安静
  • 环境特别优美
  • 市郊
  • 海边


  • 按摩
  • 日光浴室
  • 游泳池

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