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Welcome to the Hotel Kurtinigerhof in Kurtinig, in the south of South Tyrol

Hotel Kurtinigerhof is located in the picturesque town of Kurtinig on the South Tyrol Wine Route in the south of South Tyrol. Nestling in a beautiful natural landscape, yet just 500m from the village centre, our hotel is ideally situated for gentle walks and cycle tours (bike rental possible) and is an excellent starting point for wonderful family outings. Soothing peace, green nature and views over the Etsch Valley and the wonderful mountain landscape of the Dolomites will provide relaxation and make your holiday in South Tyrol into an unforgettable experience.

The hotel rooms are cosy, comfortable and all have modern facilities. All our rooms feature a shower and WC, colour TV and direct-dial phone (most also have a balcony). We also offer WLAN internet throughout the premises. To save climbing the stairs we have installed a lift, while car parking is also of course available.

Our pizzeria and restaurant are waiting to welcome you after an adventurous day’s walking or cycling, offering a cosy place to meet and see out the day. Constantly conjuring up new menus, our head chef will tempt you with hearty fare. He makes particular use of local produce. The pizzas from the wood-burning oven are also very tasty! Enjoy our South Tyrolean cuisine and let us spoil you.

Surrounded by flowering fruit orchards, our wonderfully located Surrounded by flowering fruit orchards, our wonderfully located garden offers a first-class place for you to relax and soak up the sun. Refreshing relaxation is provided by our open-air swimming pool with its unique views of nature and the surrounding mountain scenery of the Dolomites and the Brenta group. Switch off, breathe deeply and enjoy your holidays at the Hotel Kurtinigerhof.

The ambience of the Hotel Kurtinigerhof is marked by its cosy, welcoming South Tyrolean hospitality. The Mediterranean style and pleasant atmosphere induce a feeling of wellbeing.
Whether you simply want peace and quiet to recuperate, are looking for an active holiday with lots of walking or cycling or are planning a family holiday with your nearest and dearest, we can offer you the ideal accommodation for your stay in South Tyrol.

The Thaler family look forward to welcoming you!

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Έκπτωση σε επιχειρήσεις
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Χώρος πρασίνου για ανάπαυση
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Σούπερ μάρκετ
Ενοικίαση ποδηλάτων
Δοκιμές γεύσης σε τοπικά οινοποιεία
Ήσυχη περιοχή
Στην ύπαιθρο
Δημόσια μέσα συγκοινωνίας
Στο νερό: Δραστηριότητες στον ελεύθερο χρόνο
Γουίντ σέρφινγκ
Μεταφορά στο σιδηροδρομικό σταθμό
Ασύρματο τοπικό δίκτυο
Πλύσιμο ρούχων
Επιχειρηματικότητα/Ελεύθερος χρόνος στο κατάλυμα
Κήπος / Πάρκο
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Κέντρο πόλης
Cortina sulla Strada del Vino / Kurtinig an der Weinstrasse 1km
Laghetti 1,49km
Magre All’ Adige 2,16km
Cornedo Allisar 2,5km
Bozen 2,65km
Leifers 2,73km
Grunwald 3,13km
Margreid-Unterfennberg / Magre-Favogna di Sotto 3,36km
Penone 3,57km
Salurn / Salorno 3,59km
Bronzolo 4,23km
Salorno 4,34km
Vadena 4,41km
Gfrill 4,85km
Rovere Della Luna 4,98km
Kurtatsch 4,98km
Appiano Sulla St 5,23km
S Genesio Atesin 5,75km
Aldein 5,86km
Villa D’Egna 6km
Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός
Mezzocorona 11km
Ora / Auer 12km
Sant’Antonio 15km
Trento 24km
Terlan 27km
Bozen 27km
Bolzano / Bozen Dolomiti (BZO) 23km
Trento / Trient (SPA) 29km
Belluno / Beilun (BXL) 79km
Verona (VRN) 101km
Treviso (TSF) 103km
Bozen / Bolzano 22km
Trento / Trient 25km
Roverteto 45km
Algund / Lagundo 47km
Riva del Garda 52km
Πάρκο αναψυχής/Μπάνιο εμπειριών/Ιαματικό λουτρό
Therme Meran / Merano 45km
Aquaterra Adventure Club, Kastelbell-Tschars 47km
Dolomiti Action Adventure Park 47km
Aquaforum Latsch 48km
Eghes Wellness Center 48km
Castelfeder (römische Siedlung) 9,03km
Santuario di Pietralba 20km
Kalterer See / Lago di Caldaro 13km
Lago di Caldaro 13km
Εθνική οδός
A22 Egna-Ora-Termeno 8,05km
Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali 25km


ΜΚ από 45,00 €

Μονόκλινο 45.00 EUR

Δίκλινο από 86.00 EUR

(με πρωϊνό)

Προσαύξηση ημιδιατροφή ανά ημέρα για ενήλικες 10.00 - 12.00 EUR

Τέλη τουρισμού 1.20 EUR

Hotel Kurtinigerhof kontaktieren


  • Strada del Vino / Weinstraße 7
  • 39040 Cortina/Kurtinig
  • 0471 817142
  • 0471 817783
Κοντινά εστιατόρια

Ενδιαφέρον για εσάς

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Kurtiniger Hof
Restaurant Kurtiniger Hof

Strada del Vino / Weinstraße 7

0m Cortina/Kurtinig

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Teutschhaus
Restaurant Teutschhaus

Martinsplatz 5 c

390m Kurtinig/Cortina

Φωτογραφία: Cafe Restaurant Bad Gfrill
Cafe Restaurant Bad Gfrill

Gampenstraße 16

1.55km Caprile

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant-Pizzeria Fischerhof
Restaurant-Pizzeria Fischerhof

Breitbach 5

3.53km Kurtatsch/Cortaccia

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Gasthof Haideralm
Restaurant Gasthof Haideralm

Kirchgasse 28

4.53km S. Valentino alla Muta

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Schwarz Adler
Restaurant Schwarz Adler

Kirchgasse 2

4.53km Kurtatsch a.d. Weinstraße/Cortaccia

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Gasthof Terzer
Restaurant Gasthof Terzer

Obergasse 5a

4.76km Cortaccia

Φωτογραφία: Restaurant Gasthof Goldener Adler
Restaurant Gasthof Goldener Adler

Indermauerstr. 10

5.60km Kurtatsch/Cortaccia

Φωτογραφία: Ristorante Andreas Hofer
Ristorante Andreas Hofer

Straße der Alten Gründungen 21-23

5.62km Neumarkt/Egna

Φωτογραφία: Gasthof Zur Post
Gasthof Zur Post

Rathausring 29

5.72km Neumarkt/Egna