Turismo Rural Ojo Guareña

Farm / Boardinghouse / Pension

  • 16 Beds
  • 9 Rooms

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City Center
Etxarri 148m
Irurzun 571m
Irurtzun 1,01km
Irun 48km
Vitoria-Gasteiz 68km
Ladero 76km
Pamplona-Noain (PNA) 18km
San Sebastian (EAS) 50km
Logroño-Agoncillo (RJL) 65km
A15 Pamplona 15km
Bay Of Biscay 46km
Within the region
Railway station
Pamplona 17km
San Sebastian 48km


DR from €30.00

Double room 30.00 EUR

Turismo Rural Ojo Guareña kontaktieren


  • Barrio Estacion 5
  • 09568 Vallejo
  • 947 138 770
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