3 כוכבים חיות מחמד על פי בקשה Hotel Adamello in Passo del Tonale

Hotel Adamello - Outside


חדר ליחיד 70.00 - 185.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 110.00 - 270.00 EUR

(כולל חצי פנסיון)


Via Nazionale 22

ITA-38029 Passo del Tonale

טל. +39 0364 903886

פקס +39 0364 903667

קטוגריית בית: בית מלון, מלון חופשה, בית מלון למשפחות, מלון טיולים, מלון ספורט, בית הארחה בהרים / בקתת הרים, נופש לילדים

מיטות: 150

חדר: 42

סוויטות: 8

שפות: איטלקית גרמנית אנגלית צרפתית

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תיאור הבית

The hotel Adamello ***, almost completely renovated and enlarged in the period 2003-'10, is 300 meters from the center of Passo Tonale and the ski slopes; free ski bus stops 30 meters from the hotel. Passo Tonale is terminal locations in Val di Sole (TN) and lets achieve Valcamonica (BS). The hotel Adamello *** is' located along the main road that crosses the Passo Tonale and overlooks the valley below, which is part of the Regional Park Adamello-Brenta.
The hotel has 42 rooms renovated or built within the last three years, divided into three categories: ALPINA, and TIROLIA DOLOMIA. All rooms are spacious and bright and can accommodate 2 to 5 people. Completely renovated in 2006, the 12 rooms "Alpina" are exposed to the sun and are characterized by a linear furniture made of cherry wood, simple but functional. The rooms "Alpina" feature new en suite bathroom (with shower and hairdryer), LCD TV (22 "or 26"), safe, telephone, balcony with views of the valley below. Made in 2003, the 14 rooms "Tirolia" are exposed to the sun and differ from the rooms "Alpin" for the richest and "warm" light wood furniture that recalls the Tyrolean tradition, enriched and complemented by floral decorations on the walls .
The rooms "Tirolia" feature new large private bathroom (with shower and hairdryer), LCD TV (22 "or 26"), safe, telephone, balcony with views of the valley below. Upon entering your room "Dolomite" you get the feeling of being in a room of the past, thanks to the atmosphere reminiscent of an elegant mountain chalet. Every detail has been carefully designed to present you the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Our cuisine is based on the culinary traditions of Trentino Alto Adige, which are combined classic Italian dishes, accompanied by a good selection of local wines and various Italian regions. Breakfast and meals are served in our dining room with panoramic views of the peaks of the Adamello-Brenta. Continental breakfast buffet with cold cuts and cheese.

As a family business, the casual atmosphere, the generous size of the rooms and the common areas (among others point out the game room of 100 square meters), makes our hotel an ideal choice for a family vacation, as well as numerous couples looking for a relaxing holiday with sport, in a calm and comfortable environment, surrounded by a beautiful natural setting.
We are very proud of the new bar / reception area, angle "parlor" in ancient Tyrolean style, totally made of old wood, which offers a peaceful and warm atmosphere of the mountain chalet where you can relax with a drink.

In December 2008, we created a new games room suitable for children from 3-10 years. Very well received by customers are the mountain-heated ski storage room with boot dryer cabinet and the large parking lot.

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