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Welcome to the Finkenhof in Oberstaufen in the Allgäu!

Are you looking for suitable accommodation for your holiday or a cosy long weekend? Or for a place for your next family holiday? Whatever the reason for your search, you are definitely in the right place with us at the Finkenhof! Your children can play in peace
There is no through road here with us, so you can let your children run and play carefree all around our farm.

Our farm is still a real farm with dairy cows and calves.
Here you can get your children excited about real country life when they are allowed to help in the barn, drive cows and calves to pasture, feed rabbits and pet cats, and drive a tractor. Driving a tractor is also great fun for fathers.

Our house is in a quiet location between Oberstaufen and Steibis. In winter, a cross-country skiing trail leads directly past the house. In summer, it is the starting point for beautiful hikes to the romantic Buchenegger waterfalls, the Bad Rain nature reserve, etc.

Cosy holiday flats await you here - and for the extended family, double rooms with en-suite bathrooms are also available.
Our holiday flats are spacious and comfortably furnished. All have a fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette, bathroom and TV. Some have a balcony with a wonderful view.

For beautiful evenings, our good parlour invites you to linger. Here our guests meet for a cosy chat.

We also offer a barbecue area, playground, car park, garage, bread roll service, large sunbathing lawn, fitness room, our own spring water, Oberstaufen plus card with mountain railway, ski card and Aquaria adventure pool, table tennis, table football and sauna with spa treatments in the immediate vicinity and much more...
For our little guests, a cot and a high chair are available on request.

Oberstaufen with its central location offers you a varied holiday in the entire Upper and Western Allgäu, all the way to the nearby Lake Constance.


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מומלץ לצפיה
Bad Rain 972m
Hundle Alpe 1,99km
Imberg-Alpe 2,98km
Gsang Alpe 3,21km
Ochsenschwandalpe 3,26km
Thurn 3,27km
Dobilisried 3,36km
Im Wied 3,51km
Wuchers Alpe 4,06km
Untere Schwarzenbergalpe 4,25km
Schwande 4,4km
Oberdenneberg Alpe 4,46km
Eibele 4,56km
Unter Bergmoos 4,82km
Ziehenalpe 4,83km
Burganger Alpe 5,07km
Untere Steig-Alpe 5,12km
Hormoos 5,16km
Rappenbichel 5,16km
Schwand 5,19km
מרכז העיר
Weißach 884m
Malas 1,04km
Buchenegg 1,22km
Hofen 1,27km
Oberstaufen 1,29km
Steibis 1,41km
Steinebach 1,96km
Wengen 1,99km
Berg 2,08km
Schindelberg 2,21km
Kalzhofen 2,39km
Oberstaufen-Schindelberg 2,43km
Sinswang 2,73km
Salmas 3,18km
Tronsberg 3,21km
גן שעשועים/פארק מים/מרחצאות
Kletterwald Bärenfalle 9km
Miniland Weitnau-Wengen 17km
Kletterwald Faszinatour 18km
Wonnemar Sonthofen 20km
Freibad Fischen 21km
Kristall-Therme am Kurpark Oberstdorf 25km
20grad Naturbad Hindelang 27km
Ravensburger Spieleland Meckenbeuren 38km
תחנת רכבת
Oberstaufen 1,08km
Röthenbach Oberhäuser 9,96km
Immenstadt 15km
Sonthofen 19km
Lochau-Horbranz 21km
Oberdorf / Martinszell 21km
Fischen 21km
Dornbirn 28km
Kempten 30km
Ravensburg 42km
Friedrichshafen 42km
St. Gallen 51km
Golf-Club Oberstaufen-Steibis e.V. 2,15km
Golf-Club Oberstaufen e.V. 3,11km
Golfclub Riefensberg-Sulzberg 5,67km
Golf-Club Sonnenalp e.V. Sonthofen 18km
Golf-Club Hellengerst - Allgäuer Voralpen e. V. 19km
Bregenz 22km
Lindau 26km
Kressbronn 33km
Langenargen 37km
St. Gallen-Altenrhein (ACH) 36km
Friedrichshafen Bodensee (FDH) 42km
Allgäu Airport Memmingen (FMM) 52km
Innsbruck (INN) 105km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
A96 Lindau 22km
A14 Bregenz 23km
Heimat- und Skimuseum Fischen 21km
Heimatmuseum Obersdorf 25km
Alpsee 11km


חדר ליחיד החל מ- ‏35.00 ‏€

חדר ליחיד החל מ- 35.00 EUR

חדר זוגי החל מ- 58.00 EUR

(ללא ארוחת-בוקר)

דירת נופש ליום החל מ- 58.00 EUR

חיות מחמד 6.00 EUR

ארוחת-בוקר 8.00 EUR

מס אורח (בספא) 1.75 - 3.50 EUR

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  • Im Ried 1
  • 87534 Oberstaufen
  • 08386/961293
  • 08386/961294
  • post@der-finkenhof.de
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