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Welcome to the guesthouse Pension Röper-Bolte in Anröchte.

Although our present house was only built in 1922, the Röper-Bolte inn has been in Anröchte for around 200 years, and has always been family-owned. I myself took over the inn in 1969 and extended and converted it in 1985, so that there is now room for parties of up to 120 people.

Stay overnight in our cosy hotel rooms at a reasonable price. Whether after a hard day's work / assembly or a night of partying after an event in Anröchte, you are guaranteed to find peace in our pleasantly furnished hotel rooms. And the next morning you start the day fresh and full of energy. You can choose between single and double rooms. A private bathroom is included in all three variants. Our inn has a total of 5 rooms.

Thanks to free Wi-Fi, you can surf the internet or enjoy a cosy evening watching TV on the flat-screen TV. Pets are welcome to stay with us on request!

As an option to an overnight room, you can book our breakfast buffet on request. Freshly prepared by our kitchen, the buffet is a true delicacy and lets you start the day full of energy and health.

From Gasthof Röper-Bolte you can quickly reach the Ruhr area, the Sauerland and the metropolitan areas of Hanover, Hamburg, Berlin via a direct connection to the A 44, A 2 and the B 55.

Gasthof Röper-Bolte is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Hellweg region on the edge of the Sauerland, in the heart of Westphalia.The municipality of Anröchte, which is known not only for its unique greenstone, but also for its beautiful landscape, invites you to leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature on a hiking or cycling tour.

For a well-deserved break after these activities, we cordially invite you to our inn.


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Hamm 37km
Paderborn 37km
Dortmund 61km
Hannover 134km
Golf-Club Möhnesee e.V. 12km
Golf-Club Lippstadt e.V. 16km
Golf-Club Gut Mentzelsfelde e.V. 16km
Naturpark Arnsberger Wald 16km
Westfälische Bucht 26km
מומלץ לצפיה
Sobberinghof 2,65km
Lohagen 5,29km
Domhof 5,98km
גן שעשועים/פארק מים/מרחצאות
Sole-Thermen 8,46km
Thermalsolebad Bad Waldliesborn 18km
Fort Fun Abenteuerland Bestwig 26km
תחנת רכבת
Wiggeringhausen 11km
Schalloh 11km
Benninghausen 11km
מרכז העיר
Anröchte 200m
Klieve 2,25km
Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD) 22km
Dortmund (DTM) 50km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
A44 Erwitte 2,95km
Hamm 39km
Möhnesee 20km
גן חיות
Wildpark Willingen 37km


חדר ליחיד החל מ- ‏34.00 ‏€

חדר ליחיד החל מ- 34.00 EUR

חדר זוגי החל מ- 58.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה החל מ- 75.00 EUR

(ללא ארוחת-בוקר)

ארוחת-בוקר 8.00 EUR


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יצירת קשר

  • Teichstraße 2
  • 59609 Anröchte
  • 02947/608
  • 02947/568731
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