Heiligenberg -Betenbrunn

Landgasthof zur Post & Gästehaus Altes Schulhaus


Inn / Guest house / Hotel / Boardinghouse / Pension / Accomodation for mechanics

  • 18 Beds
  • 10 Rooms
Facility description

Welcome to LANDGASTHOF ZUR POST in idyllic Betenbrunn near Heiligenberg: During the 17th century our country inn was part of the cloister of Betenbrunn. Later it was acquired by an ancestor of the Family Müller. The grandfather Leo Müller, who did the farming, opened a little café in 1954. Landgasthof zur Post is located in our peaceful and idyllic place of pilgrimage Betenbrunn.

Our guests from far and near are spoilt in our comfortable house offering an exquisite middle-class cooking, home-grown produces, deer dishes and vegetarian food. With this we serve local and French wines and beer from the barrel.

Landgasthof zur Post with its guest house enjoys a quiet idyllic location in Betenbrunn, a place of pilgrimage, therefore offering perfect conditions for your relaxation.

The guest house is within walking distance to the Landgasthof zur Post. The house comprises 8 luxuriously furnished double rooms and 2 spacious single rooms. The rooms are equipped with a bathroom with shower and WC, TV and telephone.

The location of the house invites you to go for walks in summer and to go cross-country skiing in winter.


General features
Day off in the restaurant
Farm with animals
Reception open 24 hours
Petting zoo
Children welcome
Discount for children
Vegetarian food
Seniors friendly
Bus park
Busses welcome
Breakfast buffet
Half board
Full board
Mobile homes permitted
Cyclist friendly
Motorcyclists welcome
Pick-up service
Open all year round
Room with balcony
Non-smoking rooms
Telephone in room
Desk in room
Radio in room
Safe in room
Bath tub
Business / recreation in the area
Bicycle trails
Outdoor swimming pool
Winter sports
Indoor pool
Nearby golf course
Miniature golf
Thermal bath
Very quiet location
Beautiful location
Business / recreation at the premises
Table tennis
Bicycle renting
Dogs welcome
Veterinarian nearby
Wireless LAN

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Winkelhof 249m
Hohensteig 1,45km
Unter-Halden 1,72km
Unterhaslach 2,02km
Unterboshasel 2,23km
Mausloch 2,27km
Wallisreute 2,69km
Trillenbuhl 3,05km
Viertlerhof 3,56km
Gaisberg 3,71km
Buchhof 3,93km
Stumpentobel 3,94km
Lochhalde 4km
Steinenberg 4,07km
Waldhuterhof 4,12km
Krauchen 4,42km
Moorhof 4,71km
Rickenwiesen 4,79km
Oberhaslach 5,02km
Sandacker 5,18km
City Center
Betenbrunn 164m
Unterbetenbrunn 249m
Ellenfurt 1,45km
Steinsbrunn 1,72km
Wintersulgen 1,75km
Röhrenbach 2,18km
Heiligenberg 2,51km
Beuren 2,58km
Lehenhof 2,69km
Lellwangen 2,75km
Deggenhausen 3,14km
Lichtenegg 3,18km
Krumbach 3,54km
Sinnenberg 3,7km
Oberboshasel 3,71km
Steigen 3,84km
Kaltbächle 3,87km
Oberrhena 3,93km
Rubacker 3,94km
Amusement Park/Waterpark/Thermae
Meersburg Therme 16km
Abenteuerpark Immenstaad 16km
Bodensee Therme Überlingen 16km
Bodensee Therme Konstanz 20km
Ravensburger Spieleland Meckenbeuren 23km
Thermalbad Bad Saulgau 25km
Schwaben-Therme Aulendorf 27km
Schwarzachtalseen 31km
Thermalbad Bad Buchau 34km
Adelindis Therme Bad Buchau 34km
TuWass Freizeit- und Thermalbad Tuttlingen 45km
Railway station
Salem 7,66km
Uhldingen-Mühlhofen 12km
Markdorf 12km
Überlingen-Nußdorf 14km
Hoskirch-Königseggwald 15km
Aach-Linz 16km
Kreenried 16km
Friedrichshafen 20km
Ravensburg 21km
St. Gallen 44km
Dornbirn 53km
Schaffhausen 56km
Golf-Club Rochushof Deggenhausertal e.V. 5,63km
Golf-Club Owingen-Überlingen Hofgut Lugenhof e.V. 14km
Ruderclub Überlingen 14km
Tauchschule Überlingen 15km
Golf-Club Ravensburg e.V. 16km
Unteruhldingen (Yachthafen) 14km
Uhldingen 14km
Überlingen 15km
Meersburg 16km
Hagnau 17km
Friedrichshafen Bodensee (FDH) 21km
St. Gallen-Altenrhein (ACH) 41km
Allgäu Airport Memmingen (FMM) 69km
Zürich (ZRH) 72km
A98 Überlingen 16km
A81 Allensbach 26km
Affenberg Salem 9,92km
Sea Life Konstanz 22km
Illmensee 4,57km
Bodensee 13km
Within the region


43.00-79.00 EUR

Single room 43.00 - 49.00 EUR

Double room 65.00 - 79.00 EUR

(breakfast incl.)

Pets 5.00 - 8.00 EUR

Visitor's tax 1.00 - 2.00 EUR

Landgasthof zur Post & Gästehaus Altes Schulhaus kontaktieren


  • Betenbrunn 17
  • 88633 Heiligenberg
  • 07554/99880
  • 07554/998824
  • Day off: Wednesday
Restaurants nearby

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Image: Landgasthof Zur Post
Landgasthof Zur Post

Betenbrunn 17

10m Heiligenberg-Betenbrunn, Baden

Image: Restaurant & Pilsbar
Restaurant & Pilsbar

Röhrenbacherstraße 1

2.49km Heiligenberg, Baden

Image: Gasthof Hosbeim
Gasthof Hosbeim

Fürstenbergstraße 14

2.51km Heiligenberg

Image: Gasthof Adler Beuren
Gasthof Adler Beuren

Schwedenstraße 17

2.54km Salem-Beuren, Linzgau b. Meersburg, Bodensee

Image: Gasthof Park Klause
Gasthof Park Klause

Fürstenbergstraße 1a

2.57km Heiligenberg, Baden

Image: Leuschners Restaurant
Leuschners Restaurant

Salemer Straße 5

2.69km Heiligenberg, Baden

Image: Gasthof Rossknecht
Gasthof Rossknecht

Aachstraße 30

2.99km Deggenhausertal-Deggenhausen

Image: Gasthaus Zum Sternen
Gasthaus Zum Sternen

Lellwanger Straße 3

3.92km Deggenhausertal-Obersiggingen

Image: Gasthaus Löwen
Gasthaus Löwen

Dorfstraße 2

3.94km Frickingen

Image: Berggasthof Höchsten
Berggasthof Höchsten

Höchsten 1

4.11km Illmensee-Höchsten b. Markdorf