Hotel Cour Du Corbeau


Guesthouse / B&B

  • 120 Beds
  • 38 Rooms
  • 19 Suites

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City Center
Straszburg 490m
Strasbourg 753m
Schiltighein 2,32km
Baden-Baden 42km
Aquae Aureliae 42km
Amusement Park/Waterpark/Thermae
Freibad Kehl 4,51km
Europa-Park Rust 36km
Sport-und Freizeitzentrum Mehliskopf 37km
Caracalla Therme Baden-Baden 42km
Strasbourg (SXB) 11km
Lahr (LHA) 26km
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) 33km
Zürich (ZRH) 138km
Strasbourg 2,51km
Offenburg 19km
Baden-Baden 42km
Idar-Oberstein 129km
A35 Strasbourg 1,85km
A4 Strasbourg 1,86km
A5 Appenweier 15km
Fort Rapp 6,03km
Fort Kleber 6,33km
Kehl-Sundheim 6,8km
Strasbourg am Rhein 948m
Kehl am Rhein 3,72km
Freistett am Rhein 17km
Railway station
Strasbourg 1,47km
Kehl 4,02km
Golf-Club Urloffen e.V. 18km


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  • 6-8, rue des couples
  • 67000 Strasbourg
  • 03 90 00 26 26
  • 03 90 00 26 36
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