Agriturismo Vigna Licia

Vacation apartment / Apartments

  • 20 Beds
  • 4 Holiday home

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Railway station
Della Pavona 8,54km
Risaro 11km
Ciampino 13km
Fiera di Roma S.p.A 16km
Viterbo 85km
Umbriafiere Spa 150km
City Center
Monte di Leva 3,19km
Zolforata 3,56km
Castel Romano 4,32km
Torre Chiesaccia 7,44km
Torre Vaianica 9,69km
Risaro 11km
A90 Roma 15km
A1 Roma Sud 18km
Fiumicino 25km
Anzio 33km
Lago di Albano 15km
Lago di Nemi 17km
Roma-Ciampino (CIA) 13km
Roma-Fiumicino (FCO) 24km
Tirreno Sea 7,42km


week from €460.00

Apartment per week 460.00 - 720.00 EUR

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  • Via Nazareno Strampelli 162
  • 00143 Roma
  • 335 5687695
  • 06 5881228
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Restaurant Principe

Via del Castelli Romani 14

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3.95km Pomezia

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Via Gutemberg 39

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Via Laurentina 86

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Via del Santuario 80

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Hotel Villa Maria

Via del Mare 263

7.99km Albano Laziale

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Via Laurentina 1222

8.16km Roma-Eur