Hadassa Apartments

Vacation apartment / Apartments

  • 8 Beds
  • 2 Holiday home

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Bern 23km
OGA Brig 61km
Luzern 63km
Bern-Belp (BRN) 17km
Sion (SIR) 66km
Zürich (ZRH) 107km
Railway station
Münsingen 11km
Spiez 13km
Frutigen 22km
City Center
Uttigen 954m
Ütendorf 959m
Wahlen 2,8km
A6 13km
A8 Spiez 13km
Spiez 14km
Brienz 36km
Within the region
Berner Oberland
Thuner See 5,88km
Tierpark Dählhölzli 20km


Price on request

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  • Unterbälliz 5
  • 3661 Uetendorf
  • 078 756 30 76
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