Filderstadt -Bernhausen

Garni Hotel Schumacher am Stuttgarter Flughafen

Διανυκτέρευση μόνο με πρωϊνό / B&B / Στούντιο / Επιχειρηματικά ξενοδοχεία / Οικογενειακό ξενοδοχείο

  • 32 Κρεβάτια
  • 40 Δωμάτιο
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Περιγραφή καταλύματος

Welcome in our Garni Hotel Schumacher in the centre of Filderstadt und therefore right next to Stuttgart Fair and Stuttgart Airport.

Our location - your advantage
Our location is perfect for your trip to Stuttgart - the subway station Filderstadt and other public transportations provide for immediate access to
* Stuttgart City Centre * Stuttgart Airport and * Stuttgart Fair
Access to the autobahns A8 and A81 is also possible within a few minutes.

Further advantages for you:
We have a lot of free parking lots. Please ask us for park sleep and fly arrangements!
free Wi-Fi
You are long for a long-term accommodation? No problem! We can offer apartments with kitchenettes.
in our family-runned hotel with 30 rooms, warm and friendly service hast top priority.
shopping, restaurants, the entertainment centre FILHarmonie - everything is within walking distance!

Breakfast room
Breakfast is from 6.30 am to 10 am. These times can be adjusted after consultation with our staff. Honey, Marmalade, Nutella, Cornflakes, Eggs, Cheese, Fruits – we are sure there is something for everybody’s taste on the buffet! Our room capacity is up to 70 people. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

park (sleep) & fly
You are looking for a cheap alternative for parking at Stuttgart Airport? Here it is!
Due to our location right next to Stuttgart Airport, we are the perfect starting point for your business or holiday trips. On our freely accessible outdoor parking lot we offer parking facilities for your vehicle during your trip. Please ask us also for parking in our underground garage!

We don’t need any shuttle - the subway is on our own doorstep!
The subway station Filderstadt is right across the street to our parking lot (about 30 meters) und therefore easily accessible by feet. The subway line S2 brings you every 30 minutes between 5.04 am and 0.34 am (with the following exceptions: on sundays and holidays, it brings you to the airport between 5.04 am and 8.04 am only every 60 minutes) just within 4 minutes directy to the airport terminal and back. Prices are about 2 € per person, for prices and timetables please visit As an alternative, you can also take a taxi cab, which costs about 12 €. The taxi cab stand is on our down doorstep.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
Kind regards, Garni Hotel Schumacher


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Stuttgart 1,53km
Heidfeld 5,12km
Fasanenhof 5,65km
Lerchenhof 8,47km
Waldhauschen 11km
Langenhaghof 11km
Reuthof 12km
Carl-Zeiss Planetarium Stuttgart 12km
Tachenhausen 13km
Bärenschlössle 14km
Korrenhof 15km
Schaichhof 16km
Kirchheim/teck 16km
Schloss Solitude 16km
Einsiedel 16km
Jushof 18km
Binders Gartn 18km
Lindengarten 18km
Heuberg 19km
Ruine Hohenneuffen 20km
Κέντρο πόλης
Bernhausen 636m
Filderstadt 1,16km
Sielmingen 1,59km
Hohenheim 2,57km
Plieningen 2,92km
Bonlanden 3,01km
Stetten auf Den Fildern 3,22km
Bonlanden auf Den Fildern 3,45km
Plattenhardt 3,51km
Echterdingen 3,87km
Harthausen 3,9km
Weidach 3,98km
Gutenhalde 4,17km
Stockhausen 4,5km
Kemnat 4,66km
Steckfeld 4,67km
Scharnhausen 4,79km
Πάρκο αναψυχής/Μπάνιο εμπειριών/Ιαματικό λουτρό
Hallenbad Plieningen 3,67km
Schwaben Quellen Stuttgart 6,72km
Freibad Möhringen 7,19km
Freibad Sillenbuch Stuttgart 8,02km
Hallenbad Sonnenberg Stuttgart-Möhringen 8,51km
Hallenbad Vaihingen 11km
Freibad Rosental-Vaihingen 11km
Hallenbad Heslach 11km
Inselbad Untertürkheim 12km
Leo-Vetter-Bad Stuttgart-Ost 13km
Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός
Esslingen 9,17km
Vaihingen 9,55km
Neckartailfingen 9,57km
Nürtingen 11km
Stuttgart-West 12km
Stuttgart-Untertürkheim 12km
Stuttgart Hbf 13km
Neue Messe Stuttgart-Echterdingen 2,88km
Sindelfingen 14km
Wernau (Neckar) 15km
Nagold 40km
Pforzheim 44km
Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion Stuttgart 13km
Golf-Club Kirchheim-Wendlingen e.V. 16km
Golf-Club Schönbuch e.V. 16km
Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart 13km
Freilichtmuseum Beuren 19km
Porsche Museum Stuttgart 19km
Daimler-Chrysler AG 6,06km
Robert Bosch GmbH Gerlingen 17km
Erlachsee 6,03km
Pfaffensee 12km
Esslingen 9,2km
Stuttgart 12km
Στην περιοχή
Naturpark Schönbuch 15km
Reutlinger Alb
Stuttgart (STR) 1,15km
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) 85km
Εθνική οδός
A8 Stuttgart-Flughafen 1,89km
Συνεδριακό κέντρο
Congress Center Stuttgart 2,78km
SI-Centrum Stuttgart 6,59km
Ζωολογικός κήπος
Zoo Wilhelma Stuttgart 14km


85.00-150.00 EUR

Μονόκλινο 85.00 - 110.00 EUR

Δίκλινο 100.00 - 130.00 EUR

Τρίκλινο 130.00 - 150.00 EUR

(με πρωϊνό)

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  • Volmarstraße 19
  • 70794 Filderstadt
  • 0711/70026340
  • 0711/700263459
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