Apartments Résidence Villa Mariale


Vacation apartment / Apartments

  • 81 Holiday home

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City Center
Lourdes 857m
Aspin-Ez-Angles 1,13km
Omex 2,63km
Lourdes-Tarbes (LDE) 12km
Pau Pyrénées (PUF) 44km
Biarritz - Anglet - Bayonne (BIQ) 127km
Pau 36km
Saint-Girons 99km
Huesca 111km
A64 Tarbes 16km
Railway station
Lourdes 1,22km
Within the region
Parc National des Pyrenees Occidentales 27km


Price on request

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  • 15-17, avenue du Paradis
  • 65100 Lourdes
  • 05 62 92 66 36
  • 05 62 42 57 03
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