B&B Hotel Heidelberg in Heidelberg

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Camera singola 49.00 EUR

Camera doppia 59.00 EUR

Camere quadruple 74.00 EUR

(senza prima colazione)

Colazione 7.50 EUR


Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 7

DEU-69115 Heidelberg

Tel +49 6221 13720

Categorie: Bed and Breakfast

Letti: 242

Camere: 123

Lingue: Tedesco Inglese

Serviceleistungen: Reception 24 ore, Wireless LAN, Parcheggio

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Ristoranti di zona

Kochschule Eppelheim Reisen&Kochen

Kochschule Eppelheim Reisen&Kochen in Eppelheim, Baden b. Heidelberg(ca. 3.8 km)

Handelsstraße 2

69214 Eppelheim, Baden b. Heidelberg

Tel+49 6221 75920500

Kochschule Eppelheim reflects our gastronomical experiences, we would like to pass on to the people interested in such. Themed Cook and Travel you can learn to know and cook specialities from all over the world. Chefs that have acquired a good name will instruct you in preparing those. In each class or course the region from which the foods are, is introduced and the adequate travels and culin...

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Moods Bar & Restaurant in Heidelberg-Südstadt

(ca. 300 m)

Carl-Bosch-Straße 10

69115 Heidelberg-Südstadt

Tel+49 6221 9854580

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Gärtnerklause im Kirchheimer Loch in Heidelberg

(ca. 500 m)

Schrebergartenweg 1

69126 Heidelberg

Tel+49 6221 6543280

No image available

Friedensglocke in Heidelberg, Neckar

(ca. 900 m)

Güteramtsstraße 1

69115 Heidelberg, Neckar

Tel+49 6221 22309

No image available

Restaurant Schwarzer Peter in Heidelberg, Neckar

(ca. 1 km)

Römerstraße 34

69115 Heidelberg, Neckar

Tel+49 6221 21215

No image available

Bistro Central in Heidelberg-Weststadt

(ca. 1 km)

Kaiserstraße 75

69115 Heidelberg-Weststadt

Tel+49 6221 20641

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Zum Hutzelwald in Heidelberg, Neckar

(ca. 1.1 km)

Gaisbergstraße 93

69115 Heidelberg, Neckar

Tel+49 6221 23558

No image available

Restaurant Westcoast in Heidelberg-Weststadt

(ca. 1.1 km)

Kurfürsten-Anlage 1

69115 Heidelberg-Weststadt

Tel+49 6221 9170

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Spanferkelhof Heidelberg Inh. Pfisterer in Heidelberg, Neckar

(ca. 1.1 km)

Baumschulenweg 100

69124 Heidelberg, Neckar

Tel+49 6221 25442

No image available

Mesón Madrid in Heidelberg, Neckar

(ca. 1.1 km)

Zähringerstraße 1

69115 Heidelberg, Neckar

Tel+49 6221 26397

No image available

Restaurant Krokodil in Heidelberg-Weststadt

(ca. 1.2 km)

Kleinschmidtstraße 12

69115 Heidelberg-Weststadt

Tel+49 6221 166472

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