Agriturismo L´Aperegina в Corvara

Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - сад
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - ресторан
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - сад
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Вид снаружи
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - Номера
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - сад
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - балкон
Agriturismo L´Aperegina - ресторан


двухместный номер от 90.00 EUR

(без завтрака)

Надбавка за полупансион за день для взрослых 15.00 EUR

завтрак 5.00 EUR

Обновлено 16.10.2017


C.da Pretara, 1

ITA-65020 Corvara

Тел. +39 085 8889351

Мобильный номер +39 339 3251180

Категория гостиницы: крестьянский дом, Отель Garni / B&B, частный пансион, Гостиница для отдыха, отпуск для пожилых, Гостиница для пешеходных туристов, Backpackers

Kровати: 6

Номера: 2

Квартиры для отпуска: 2

стоянки для жилых автомобилей: 1

Языки: итальянский английский

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Описание гостиницы

Welcome to our farmhouse L`Aperegina in Corvara.

L`Aperegina is an organic holiday farm situated in the centre of the three green Abruzzi national parks. The main building is an old shepherd’s house with a stable, which has been restored. L`Aperegina offers half board (dinner, bed and breakfast). L`Aperegina has plenty of guest car parking and offers accommodation during the seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Guests will be warmly welcomed with genuine hospitality and friendliness. Guests are free to explore every part of the farm.
The rooms are furnished in a rustic style, simple and practical with private bathroom. We assign the rooms according to availability, based on demand, length of stay and number of guest occupying the bedroom. We try to assign the room requested when it is possible. All rooms are equipped with towels and sheets. One of the rooms is built in a tree.

The meals are shared together with the hosts.
Guests can discuss and learn about the activities on the farm, the methods of cultivation, and the products. Laperegina offers a reading room and use of kitchen and washing machine.
The farm has plenty of guest car-parking and offers hospitality in the seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn. Traditional home cooking will highlight the rural traditions and the richness of the gastronomy of Abruzzo region. L`Aperegina offers authentic breads, homemade pasta and pizza, and delicious barbecued meat and dressed pork products (salami, ham, sausages).

The guests have the opportunity of being involved in the preparation of jams, sauces and liqueurs. Jams from mulberries, blackberries, currants, quince, sour cherries, grapes, rose-hip. Our liqueurs contain walnuts, ratafia, fennel, cornelian berries, juniper berries, and more. Guests are also invited to help in the preparation of pork hams, salami, sausages, bacon and more.

At L`Aperegina there are many corners where one can rest, meditate, read a good book, or participate in one of the many activities on the farm.
 Within easy reach of L`Aperegina, many excursions are possible. Marino offers guidance and advice to guests planning their excursions into the three parks of Abruzzo.

The main activity is bee keeping, and the surrounding area is occupied by various farm animals, such as a pig, a donkey, sheep and poultry. The gardens are used mainly for the cultivation of vegetables, and include a small area for the cultivation of medicinal herbs. The orchard has an abundance of cherries, prunes, apples, figs, and walnuts used in the making of our own jams and liqueurs.

Abruzzo is a largely undiscovered area which has remained unspoilt. Laperegina is only at 50 km from Adriatic Sea. It’s beauty offers endless opportunities for walking and touring, which has been preserved thanks to the presence of the three national parks and more than thirty natural reserves. Within this natural environment one finds small villages and old towns, rich in history, culture and tradition. Traditional products and crafts may be bought within many of these villages.


  • Стоянка
  • Ресторан (только для постояльцев)
  • крестьянский дом с животными
  • сотрудничество во дворе
  • скидка для детей
  • вегетарианская кухня
  • полноценное питание
  • диетическое питание
  • с удобствами для пожилых
  • Также комнаты
  • близость к аэропорту
  • полупансион
  • близость к автобану
  • с удобствами для велосипедистов
  • Мотоциклисты приветствуются
  • терраса
  • лужайка, удобная дла лежания
Бизнес/Отдых в гостинице
  • сад / парк
  • настольный теннис
  • гольф
  • С удобствами для женщин (напр. фен, косметическое зеркало, хорошо освещенная стоянка)
  • номер для некурящих
  • подключение к интернету в номере
  • Домашние животные по запросу
  • трехместные номера
  • четерехместные номера
  • душ
  • WC
  • бидэ
Бизнес/Отдых в местности
  • сад / парк
  • дельтапланеризм
  • пешеходный туризм
  • супермаркет
  • гольф
  • Дегустация вин в винограднике
  • теплый источник
  • параглайдинг
  • безплатный терминал в интернет
  • химчистка техтильных изделий
  • доставка булочек
у воды: обстановка в местности/близости
  • прокат каноэ
  • тихое месторасположение
  • Особо красивое расположение
  • В селе

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Расстояние (по воздушной линии)

Центр города/центр местности
  • Corvara 1,13km
  • Pietranico 3,51km
  • Brittoli 4,68km
  • Pescosansonesco 4,69km
  • Civitaquana 5,74km
  • Castiglione A Casauria 5,75km
  • Carpineto Della Nora 6,53km
  • Cugnoli 6,73km
  • Vicoli 6,79km
  • Fornaca 6,8km
  • Tocco Da Casauria 7,33km
  • Capestrano 7,66km
  • Torre De’ Passeri 7,69km
  • Villa Santa Lucia Degli Abruzzi 8,9km
  • Bussi Sul Tirino 9,05km
  • Alanno 9,3km
  • Abruzzo 9,4km
  • Bolognano 9,93km
  • Collepietro 11km
  • Ofena 11km
  • Fiera Adriatica - Silvi Marina 38km
  • Fiera di Roma S.p.A 123km
  • Antichita Assisi Snc 136km
  • Bastia Umbria 139km
  • Umbriafiere Spa 139km
  • Pescara (PSR) 33km
  • Roma-Ciampino (CIA) 118km
  • Perugia Sant Egidio (PEG) 144km
  • Roma-Fiumicino (FCO) 145km
  • A25 9,21km
  • A14 Pescara Ovest-Chieti 29km
  • Bussi 11km
  • Popoli 12km
  • Pescara 38km
  • Roseto degli Abruzzi 45km
  • Adriatic Sea 34km
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