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תיאור הבית

They are 5 double bedrooms:
Camelia, Primula, Edera, Fiordaliso and Menta are furnished with liberty and Venetian style furniture. Each of which has the possibility to add up to 2 single beds. Two rooms on the upper story feature an ample balcony, where you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing landscape, sensing the smells and the colors of the hill countryside.

The breakfast we offer to our customers is made up of products from our farm , such as fruit, aromatic herbs and eggs, used in the preparation of jams, sweets and fruit juices. We buy other products from farms such as cured meats, cheeses and Mantograno flour. We do not use animal fats in the preparations but we prefer fats of vegetable origin to meet the needs of those with lactose and milk protein intolerances.

We have recently created a new outdoor green area, equipped with chairs and deck chairs to enjoy some time in the company of a good book or with your favorite pastime.

Our inner courtyard communicates with an ample garden where you’ll have the chance to enjoy the view of the wonderful moraine hills. Our strategic position puts us near Lake Garda’s main attractions, without being impaired by their traffic and frenzy.

We suggest some routes that you can do in our vicinity, aboard your bicycle, or if you prefer, we make use of an external bicycle rental service, even with electric bikes. A guide is also available on request to show you the most spectacular corners and views of the morainic hills and villages.



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מרכז העיר
Monzambano 1,4km
Castellaro Lagusello 2,93km
Salionze 4,58km
Pozzolengo 4,62km
Valeggio Sul Mincio 6,07km
Cavriana 6,11km
Peschiera 6,65km
Volta Mantovana 6,98km
Peschiera del Garda 7,05km
Santanna Dalfa 7,55km
Solferino 7,93km
San Martino della Battaglia 8km
Chiodi 8,66km
Palazzo 8,82km
Cereta 9,1km
Pozzo Catena 9,24km
Guidizzolo 9,48km
Taffella 9,55km
San Giorgio in Salici 11km
Brentino Belluno 11km
Verona (VRN) 18km
Parma (PMF) 69km
Trento / Trient (SPA) 80km
Orio al Serio (BGY) 82km
Bergamo (BGY) 83km
Verona 25km
Brescia 39km
Riva del Garda 60km
Roverteto 65km
Parma 67km
תחנת רכבת
Peschiera del Garda 6,65km
Verona Porta Nuova 24km
Mantova 27km
Verona Porta Vescovo 29km
כביש מהיר / אוטוסטרדה
A4 Peschiera 7,78km
A22 Cavaion Veronese 21km
Colombare 12km
Bardolino 20km
גן שעשועים/פארק מים/מרחצאות
Gardaland 9,29km
Canevaworld 13km
Gardasee 12km


55.00-110.00 EUR

חדר זוגי 55.00 - 70.00 EUR

חדר לשלושה 75.00 - 90.00 EUR

חדר לארבעה 95.00 - 110.00 EUR

(ללא ארוחת-בוקר)

ארוחת-בוקר 7.00 EUR

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