Klosterwirtschaft Pielenhofen

Inn / Historical building / Boardinghouse / Pension / Guest house

  • 24 Beds
  • 11 Rooms
Facility description

The Klosterwirtschaft is in a distance of approximately 15 km from Regensburg, in the Valley of the river Naab. It is surrounded by beautiful and romantic picturesque landscapes. The restaurant is ideally located directly at the riverside. Its terrace is overlooking the river and the waterfall. The 300-year-old restaurant is delicately positioned on the side of a monastery, which possess a famous catholic bell church from the baroque period. Today the monastery is used as a primary school for the world famous children choir "Regensburger Domspatzen". The valley of the river Naab is a very attractive escape, offering recreations such as bike riding, nature walks, canoeing and rock climbing. For celebrating any kind of parties and festivals the historic hall - the former brewery of the monastery - is just the perfect location…



General features
Day off in the restaurant: Montag
Children welcome
Discount for children
Vegetarian food
Also hotel rooms
Bus park
Busses welcome
Breakfast buffet
Half board
Full board
Nearby motorway
Mobile homes permitted
Cyclist friendly
Motorcyclists welcome
Group tariffs
Desk in room
3 beds room
4 beds in one room
Partly floor shower
Cable TV
Satellite TV
Business / recreation in the area
Bicycle trails
Nordic Walking
Conference rooms
Bicycle renting
Water / Bowl
Dogs allowed in the restaurant
Dogs welcome
Veterinarian nearby
More than one dog allowed
Quiet location
Beautiful location
Central location
At the river
Transfer from/to station
Newspaper service
Wireless LAN
At the water: Services available locally / nearby
Boat rental

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Berghof 944m
Käfersdorf 1,33km
Biersackschlag 3,07km
Ol 3,09km
Aignhof 3,29km
Ried 3,99km
Brunnenstich 4,26km
Kuhberg 4,28km
Pettenhof 4,38km
Arzweg 4,45km
Weihergut 4,91km
Zundergut 4,92km
Urtlhof 4,99km
Kirchhof 5,19km
Haidberg 5,19km
Unterkaulhausen 5,24km
Steinhof 5,55km
Reiserbugl 5,56km
Landl 5,63km
Haselhof 6,07km
City Center
Pielenhofen 123m
Berghof 757m
Zieglhof 1,22km
Reinhardsleiten 1,44km
Münchsried 1,54km
Distelhausen 1,59km
Konstein 1,84km
Käfersdorf 1,93km
Enichenbrunn 1,98km
Reinhardshofen 2,1km
Eichenbrunn 2,15km
Endlfeld 2,48km
Freiung 2,68km
Wall 2,68km
Dettenhofen 2,74km
Schaggenhofen 2,9km
Babetsberg 2,9km
Öl 2,95km
Railway station
Regensburg-Prüfening 9,31km
Regensburg-Reinhausen 12km
Regensburg 13km
Regensburg-Walhallastrasse 13km
Regensburg-Wutzlhofen 13km
Regensburg-Kalkwerke 14km
Maxhütte-Haidhof 18km
Regensburg 11km
Straubing 50km
Landshut 61km
Nürnberg 73km
Erlangen 91km
Regensburg 12km
Kelheim 19km
Beilngries 36km
Amusement Park/Waterpark/Thermae
Westbad Regensburg 8,99km
Freizeitbad Keldorado Kehlheim 20km
Kurfürstenbad Amberg 42km
A3 Nittendorf 4,49km
A93 Regensburg-West 9,75km
Golf-Club Regensburg-Sinzing am Minoritenhof e.V. 13km
Golfplatz Deutenhof GmbH & Co. K 19km
Nürnberg (NUE) 80km
München Franz Josef Strauß (MUC) 82km
Within the region
Naturpark Vorderer Bayerischer Wald 33km


40.00-80.00 EUR

Single room 40.00 - 60.00 EUR

Double room 60.00 - 80.00 EUR

Extra bed 20.00 EUR

(breakfast incl.)

Pets 10.00 EUR

Klosterwirtschaft Pielenhofen kontaktieren


  • Klosterstraße 6
  • 93188 Pielenhofen
  • 09409/1525
  • 09409/869366
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