3 星 宠物要咨询 Hotel Belvedere in Vigo di Fassa

Hotel Belvedere - Outside


单人房 35.00 - 80.00 EUR

双人房 70.00 - 138.00 EUR

三人房 105.00 - 207.00 EUR

四人房 140.00 - 276.00 EUR


updated 23.01.2020


Strada Murada, 3

ITA-38039 Vigo di Fassa

电话 +39 0462 764185

电传 +39 0462 764185

旅馆种类: 酒店, 健体酒店, 山区客庄 / 山区村舍, 早餐酒店 / B&B, 家庭酒店, 宾馆, 渡假酒店, 远足酒店, 健美酒店

床: 51

房间: 25

语言: 意大利语 德语 英语

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The Belvedere hotel and the Rasom family offer you a warm WELCOME!

Here you will feel at home in a comfortable house where you can discover the benefits of a holiday offering full relaxation and harmony with yourself, set amidst the spectacular region of the Dolomites of Val di Fassa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our land, rich in history and natural beauty, will transport you into a fascinating world to be discovered day after day that will make your holiday here with us an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, not only for your eyes but also for your soul ... Here, nature has excelled, giving us gifts of extraordinary beauty.

The Ladin style and the scent of the mountain will lull you into sweet dreams ... Our rooms, completely refurbished in 2015, are decorated according to local tradition revisited with a modern concept of comfort. All rooms have a spacious private bathroom with shower, WC, bidet and washbasin. Direct-dial telephone, safe, satellite T.V., mini-bar and sofa or reading area. All of them also have a large balcony with panoramic views to enjoy even more the magnificence of nature in Val di Fassa!

For those who choose to enjoy their holiday here in Val di Fassa in complete freedom, we also have a number of apartments available. Designed to accommodate up to 10 persons, they are surrounded by the green meadows of Vigo di Fassa between the majestic peaks of the Dolomites. Furnished in mountain style, here you will find every comfort for 360-degree relaxation.

The dining room, in fragrant wood, will be the scene for our dishes that will be a delight for your palate. Daily our chef will prepare for you a rich buffet of vegetables and appetisers that accompany our menus created from local, national and international dishes. For breakfast instead guests can enjoy our home-made pastries, a selection of cured meats, jams, fruit juices, yoghurt and the essential hot drinks to complete the offering.

What could be better than a relaxing sauna or a Turkish bath after a long day spent enjoying nature? Our spa will allow you to relax and rejuvenate both mind and spirit.

Your every need here at the Hotel Belvedere is important and we will do everything we can to make you feel at home and more! The typical mountain style, the result of long Ladin tradition, is cleverly combined with modernity to guarantee you maximum relaxation.

Our services include:
heated ski/ boot dryer deposit and secure bicycle storage for sports lovers;
T.V. room, reading room and sun terrace to complete your holiday;
parking for cars, buses, motorcycles and bicycles;
Wi-Fi connection available throughout the hotel;
a wellness centre to reinvigorate mind and body after a long day spent surrounded by nature.

Our hotel offers you high quality services in a familiar, warm and contemporary atmosphere.
Visit us for an unforgettable stay!

位置图 / 路线图


  • 停车场
  • 餐馆 (只欢迎旅馆住客)
  • 酒吧
  • 游戏室
  • 行李存放
  • 方便儿童
  • 儿童折扣
  • 也有房间
  • 巴士停车场
  • 欢迎旅游巴士
  • 自助早餐
  • 接近飞机场
  • 半宿
  • 全宿
  • 接近高速公路
  • 方便自行车
  • 欢迎摩托车
  • 可经由旅行社订购
  • 公司折扣
  • 团体价
  • 滑雪场
  • 咖啡馆
  • 阅读室
  • 滑雪贮物室
  • 休息室有电视机
  • 平台
  • 啤酒院
商务/休闲 旅馆设施
  • 花园 / 公园
  • 儿童游戏场
  • 超市
  • 乒乓球
  • 儿童假日节目
  • 桌球
  • 斯诺克
  • 有阳台房间
  • 方便女士(如吹风机、化妆镜、照明良好的停车场)
  • 禁烟房间
  • 房内有电话
  • 房内有电视机
  • 房内有保险箱
  • 三人房
  • 四人房
  • 洗澡浴缸
  • 厕所
  • 坐浴盘
  • 只备楼层淋浴
  • 厕所设房外
  • 卫星电视
商务/休闲 当地设施
  • 自行车径
  • 花园 / 公园
  • 儿童游戏场
  • 漂流筏
  • 蜻蜓
  • 远足
  • 北欧竞步
  • 超市
  • 露天游泳池
  • 冬季运动
  • 撞柱戏
  • 乒乓球
  • 按摩
  • 热水池
  • 蒸汽浴
  • 桑拿
  • 日光浴室
  • 游泳池
  • 室内游泳池
  • 健美
  • 健体中心
  • 可开小议会
  • 大型议会服务
  • 健美农庄
  • 附设疗养室
  • 祈祷
  • 节目安排
  • 冷水療法
  • 远程马战
  • 跳舞
  • 健体中心
  • 高尔夫
  • 迷你高尔夫
  • 网球
  • 自行车出租
  • 壁球
  • 射箭
  • 酿酒厂试酒
  • 温泉浴
  • 儿童假日节目
  • 滑翔
  • 自然溜冰场
  • 人工溜冰场
  • 桌球
  • 斯诺克
  • 办公室服务
  • 滑雪缆车转乘服务
At the water: 地点设施/附近设施
  • 小船出租
  • 环境很安静
  • 环境特别优美
  • 市郊
  • 山区

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