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Welcome to the hotel-restaurant ZUR STEMMER POST, the ideal address for bicycle tourists, for a short holiday and for business people. We offer 15 lovely furnished, comfortable rooms with shower, toilet, satellite TV and telephone, some rooms with WLAN. In our restaurant and our cozy beer parlour, we will spoil you with regional dishes as well as with international cuisine. We offer you everything from Westfalian specialities to different dishes with beef, pork, poultry and fish - replenished by seasonal specialities for every taste. The beer garden invites you to a meditative, contemplative stay in summer. Lots of popular destinations can be found in the vicinity. The Westfalian Street of Windmills links more than 40 wind-, water- and ROSSmills via a lot of different routes. Also, the popular Weser Cycle Path is only approximately 6 kilometers away from us. A garage is available for your bicycles. And if you were not able to bring your own bike with you, we could find a rental bike for you. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Πάρκο αναψυχής/Μπάνιο εμπειριών/Ιαματικό λουτρό
Potts Park Minden 8,86km
Bali Therme 17km
Tropicana Stadthagen 22km
H2o Sport-und Freizeitbad Herford 28km
Freibad Rödinghausen 30km
Landgrafentherme Bad Nenndorf 35km
Ishara Sport-und Freizeitbad Bielefeld 42km
Aqualip Erlebnisbad Detmold 46km
Hufeland Therme Bad Pyrmont 47km
Σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός
Minden 6,77km
Bückeburg 15km
Rahden 20km
Holzhausen-Heddinghausen 23km
Ζωολογικός κήπος
Naturtierpark Ströhen-Wagenfeld 25km
Tierpark Herford 28km
Tierpark Olderdissen‎, Bielefeld 44km
Bad Pyrmont 48km
Schachtschleuse Minden 4,64km
Wasserstraßenkreuz 5,51km
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal 11km
Steinhuder Meer 36km
Εθνική οδός
A2 Porta Westfalica Porta Westfalica 15km
A2 Bad Eilsen-Ost 22km
A30 Hiddenhausen 26km
Bad Salzuflen 33km
Barntrup 43km
Osnabrück 58km
Golf-Club am Harrl 18km
Golf-Club Schaumburg e.V. 20km
Hannover (HAJ) 60km
Bremen (BRE) 80km
Mindener Museum 5,95km
Dinosaurier-Freilichtmuseum Rehburg-Loccum 25km
Κέντρο πόλης
Minden 5,95km


ΜΚ από 49,00 €

Μονόκλινο από 49.00 EUR

Δίκλινο από 69.00 EUR

(χωρίς πρωϊνό)

κατοικίδια ζώα 8.00 EUR

Πρωϊνό 6.00 EUR

Hotel Zur Stemmer Post kontaktieren


  • Stemmer Landstraße 152
  • 32425 Minden
  • 0571/646080
  • 0571/6460880
  • info@stemmer-post.de
  • Αργία: Τρίτη, Κυριακή
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Restaurant Zur Stemmer Post

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8.30km Petershagen