Hundar välkomnaHundar välkomna Gasthof-Pension Alte Post i Obertrubach

Gasthof-Pension Alte Post - Exteriör


Enkelrum 33.00 - 45.00 EUR

Dubbelrum 60.00 - 80.00 EUR

(inkl. frukost)

Våning per dag från 22.00 EUR

Semesterlägenhet per dag från 25.00 EUR

Husdjur från 3.00 EUR

Frukost 8.00 EUR

Uppdaterad den 16.12.2019


Trubachtalstraße 1

DEU-91286 Obertrubach

Tel. +49 9245 322

Fax +49 9245 690

Hotellkategori: Värdshus, Pensionat, Semesterlägenheter, Lägenheter

Bäddar: 65

Rum: 44

Semesterlägenheter: 1

Lägenheter: 1

Språk: Tyska Engelska


Gästutvärdering: 10 av 12 poäng

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Welcome to the dreamlike located Obertrubach and in our family-run inn with guesthouse. We are happy to be there for you, the Ritter family. Feel comfortable with us!

We offer you:
- Regional and seasonal specialties from Franconian cuisine
- rich breakfast buffet - homemade sausage specialties
- Rooms for up to 100 persons for celebrations of all kinds as well as for travel companies and senior groups
- quiet comfort rooms partly with balcony or terrace - 6 barrier-free comfort rooms - elevator
- Pitches for cars and buses at the house, garages available

Our cozy, generously furnished comfort rooms leave nothing to be desired. Whether for a stopover or for a successful, relaxing holiday in the beautiful surroundings of the Franconian Switzerland.

In our large dining room can accommodate up to 100 people. It also serves as a breakfast room for our guests. There are also dance evenings and folk evenings. Even the wine cellar is well filled with fine wines from Franconia, and beer connoisseurs will certainly appreciate our beer from the brewery Friedmann from Gräfenberg. Our home-style, Franconian cuisine with seasonal and regional specialties will convince you. Tastefully and tastefully furnished and with rustic charm, our premises present themselves. A weather-protected terrace also invites you to a cozy end to the day. We are happy to make your family celebrations according to your wishes. Please contact us!

Obertrubach is located in the heart of the Franconian Switzerland, 450 m above sea level. Easily accessible and yet quiet, it nestles in the narrow Trubachtal, surrounded by woods and meadows, with a marked network of hiking trails of more than 200 kilometers, including a "Therapeutic Trail". At the place you will find a shop, a bakery, several cafes, as well as a doctor. And even in winter Obertrubach is a charming place

Well-marked hiking trails, including the famous Frankenweg, pass right by our house. Unadulterated nature experiences, a paradise for climbers and hikers, golf, miniature golf, horseback riding, fly fishing - enjoy the countless possibilities of vacationing. We are happy to give you tips for your perfect day!

In addition to many private regular guests who regularly spend a few days vacationing with us, we also have a lot of tour groups, which return to our house again and again. So our house offers itself for hiking groups, seniors groups, club outings or also for company outings. In addition, we work very successfully with numerous travel agencies and travel agents.

We look forward to you!



  • Restaurang
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  • Parkeringsplats
  • Hiss
  • Barnvänlig
  • Barnrabatt
  • Vegetariskt kök
  • Parkeringsplats för bussar
  • Turistbussar välkomna
  • Frukostbuffé
  • Halvpension
  • Helpension
  • Nära till motorväg
  • Semesterlägenheter
  • Cyklistvänligt
  • Motorcyklister välkomna
  • Bokningsbar via resebyrå
  • Priser för grupper
  • Terrass
  • Äng att ligga på
Affär/fritid i hotellet
  • Trädgård / park
  • Rum med balkong
  • Rum för icke-rökare
  • TV
  • 3-bäddsrum
  • 4-bäddsrum
  • Dusch
  • WC
  • Satellit-TV
  • Rum för icke-rökare
Affär/ fritid på orten
  • Cykelled
  • Vandring
  • Transfer järnvägsstation
  • Transfer flygplats
  • Trådlös LAN
  • Vattenskål / Skål
  • Hundar välkomna
  • Veterinär i närheten
  • Mer än en hund tillåts
  • Lugnt läge



10 av 12 poäng 10 av 12 poäng

2 Gästerna utvärderade i genomsnitt enligt följande:

RumskvalitetRumskvalitet: 10.5 av 12 poäng 10.5 av 12 poäng
Ljudvolymen i rummetLjudvolymen i rummet: 10.5 av 12 poäng 10.5 av 12 poäng
RenlighetRenlighet: 9.5 av 12 poäng 9.5 av 12 poäng
Personalens vänlighetPersonalens vänlighet: 9 av 12 poäng 9 av 12 poäng
Matens kvalitetMatens kvalitet: 10.5 av 12 poäng 10.5 av 12 poäng
RekommendationRekommendation: 10 av 12 poäng 10 av 12 poäng
Pris- / prestationsförhållandePris- / prestationsförhållande: 10.5 av 12 poäng 10.5 av 12 poäng


The location was good (unless roadworks infront) but the reception was not existant. Half pension, food was normal, not exceptional (, 17.08.2010)

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