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Welcome in Hotel-Landgasthof Kreuz in Mattenhaus.

Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Upper Swabia our house offers 2 dining rooms and 21 hotel rooms. The good, honest cuisine has already made us well known in the whole region. See for yourself. We look forward to your visit. Schmidt family and team.

The Hotel-Landgasthof Kreuz has 21 individually appointed rooms. In 2012, an extensive room renovation was carried out, which brought the rooms to a high 3 star standard. In the spirit of supporting the region the renovation was naturally carried out by craftsmen from Waldsee. In the new “Blumenwiese rooms” (flower meadow rooms) you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Upper Swabia. The colourful flowers that grow right before our own door have been captured as a motif on the walls of the hotel rooms.

The care and thoroughness with which the seasonal and regional inspiration is implemented in the Landgasthof Kreuz kitchen is exemplary. The high quality cooking is now known across the border of Upper Swabia. Guests come to the restaurant from far away and not only for the ‘Zwiebelrostbraten’. The delicious flowers and herbs from the hotel’s own herb garden give that special touch to the “Mattenhaus-style” cooking.

Our dishes aim to be honest and fresh. Our menu offers traditional Swabian cuisine as well as some dishes with more exotic flavours. Especially popular is the weekly menu that focuses on a new herb each month. “Herb of the Month” continues to challenge the kitchen team anew and keeps creativity fresh. Twice a year special dishes are prepared. In Spring the hotel’s own herbs play an even greater role in the kitchen. Under the motto “Mattenhaus Herb Days” special dishes are prepared with herbs and flowers for the whole week.

In Autumn, the “speciality weeks” are on the program. Landgasthof Kreuz traditionally prepares dishes from Mexico and Brazil at this time. Both activities are the highlights in our culinary calendar. Are you planning a family or a corporate event? Let our chef advise you personally with regards to menu choice. He is happy to create a special menu according to your preferences.

According to historical records guests have been welcomed at the “Wege Kreuz” since 1427. Thus, the Hotel-Landgasthof Kreuz is one of the oldest documented guesthouses in Baden-Würtemberg. In 1929 the Bohner family acquired the Baron Waldenburg/Wolfegg “Zum Kreuz” estate in Mattenhaus. Their daughter, Ingeborg Schmidt (born Bohner), took over the country inn in 1967 and together with her husband converted the farm buildings into an hotel. The next generation followed in 2002. Since then Horst Schmidt and his two sisters Sandra and Marlies manage the family business and take care of the guests’ well-being.



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A96 Leutkirch-West 22km
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Affenberg Salem 44km
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חדר ליחיד החל מ- 77.20 EUR

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  • Mattenhaus 3
  • 88339 Bad Waldsee
  • 07524/97570
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